As Above So Below Astrology And God Created the Stars

And God Created the Stars

And God Created the Stars
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And God Created the Stars

by Dr. Louis Turi

Dr. Turi has taught psychologists and psychiatrist the direct relationship between the stars and the human psyche. This book will enhance your intuition and perception of human behavior.

This astrological masterpiece will clarify how God works all through the universe. Dr. Turi explains your direct destined relationship with God and the universe. Man was created in the image of God. "And God created the stars and heavens as signs and seasons" so that you may live a more productive life. Magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. This book is your first step to perceive yourself and God in the same light as the stars. It is also provides new and challenging insight to your understanding of God and the light.


Page 81:

Corporate $ for your Church?

Yes, it is a fast growing business and it does bring about three million dollars a year to your local church! There are still no taxes imposed and millions of free hands and empty minds to promote this hidden and shameful business.

Signs your Church has sold out to corporate sponsors:

  • Nike "swoosh" on the cross

  • Communion now sponsored by Welch's Grape Juice

  • Taco bell's talking dog now reading announcements

  • In the Christmas play, Joseph is seen with a pack of Lucky's

  • Greeters are all dressed like Mr. Goodwrench

  • Personal pew license now sold

  • Baptismal includes a dolphin show from Sea World

  • Statue of Mary seen holding keys to a Jeep

  • Holy water spiked with Diet Pepsi

  • The 12 disciples replaces by Disney characters

  • Luxury pews with wet bar and satellite TV

  • Scripture verses brought to you by Windows '98

  • Pastor doing subliminal product messages during sermon

  • Choir members all wear Dockers

  • There is a twist of lemon in the holy water

  • The holy water font has Perrier

  • Wednesday night suppers sponsored by KFC

--- But seriously, Since the dawn of time, the Creator has shown his truth to the humble, a truth that is hidden from the vain, blinded by worldly pleasures, but which is written in the skies, which nightly speak of the glory of God - Nostradamus

Softbound, 6x9, 380 pages

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