Fiction With Purpose Pledged to the Dead

Pledged to the Dead

Pledged to the Dead
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Seabury Quin
ISBN 10: 1610336178
ISBN 13: 9781610336178


to the Dead

Large Print

Seabury Quinn

A tale of a lover who was pledged to a sweetheart who had been in her grave for more than a century, and of the striking death that menaced him - a story of Jules de Grandin

Large Print, 17 point font, New Edition edition



The autumn dusk had stained the sky with shadows and orange oblongs traced the windows in my neighbors' homes as Jules de Grandin and I sat sipping kaiserschmarrn and coffee in the study after dinner. "Mon Dieu," the little Frenchman sighed, "I have the mal du pays, my friend.

The little children run and play along the roadways at Saint Cloud, and on the Ile de France the pastry cooks set up their booths. Corbleu, it takes the strength of character not to stop and buy those cakes of so much taste and fancy! The Napolèons, they are crisp and fragile as a coquette's promise, the èclairs filled with cool, sweet cream, the cream-puffs all aglow with cherries. Just to see them is to love life better. They--" The shrilling of the door-bell startled me. The pressure on the button must have been that of one who leant against it. "Doctor Trowbridge; I must see him right away!" a woman's voice demanded as Nora McGinnis, my household factotum, grudgingly responded to the hail.

"Th' docthor's offiss hours is over, ma'am," Nora answered frigidly. "Ha'f past nine ter eleven in th' marnin', an' two ter four in th' afthernoon is when he sees his patients. If it's an urgent case ye have there's lots o' good young docthors in th' neighborhood, but Docthor Trowbridge--" "Is he here?" the visitor demanded sharply.

"He is, an' he's afther digestin' his dinner - an' an illigant dinner it wuz, though I do say so as shouldn't - an' he can't be disturbed--"

"He'll see me, all right. Tell him it's Nella Bentley, and I've got to talk to him!"

De Grandin raised an eyebrow eloquently. "The fish at the aquarium have greater privacy than we, my friend," he murmured, but broke off as the visitor came clacking down the hall on high French heels and rushed into the study half a dozen paces in advance of my thoroughly disapproving and more than semi-scandalized Nora.

84 pages - 7x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610336178
ISBN-13: 9781610336178

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