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This book is a TGS Historical Reprint. The Lindlahr System of Natural Therapeutics represents the first effort ever made to combine in one system all that is good in the various methods of treating human ailments. It is, therefore, the only truly eclectic system of therapeutics in existence. It takes in all that is true in old school medical theories and practice, as well as all that is valuable in modern drugless healing methods.

Excerpt :

Headache is usually but a symptom of disease Somewhere in the body, though it may be due to local irritation by systemic or drug poisons. Diseased conditions and infiltration anywhere in the system are telegraphed to headquarters in the brain and there manifest in the form of venous symptoms, the most frequent of which is headache. Sometimes it is caused by defects of vision, or eye strain and may be alleviated by properly fitted glasses. This, however, cannot take the place of removing constitutional causes. Frequently the wearing of "eye crutches" prevents the locating and removal of the underlying causes and thus condemns the individual to the life long use of glasses, to constantly weakening eyesight and to chronic constitutional disease.

One of the most common causes of headache, as well as of eye trouble, is uric acid or pathogen poisoning. A typical uric acid headache is migraine or one sided headache, particularly annoying in the morning when the blood is loaded with pathogenic materials.

1. Bilious or Sick Headaches.

Another common type is the so-called bilious headache. While usually attributed to an inactive liver, it may be caused in various wars. Pathogenic clogging of the liver will interfere with the elimination of bile products; these will remain in the circulation and cause general symptoms of biliousness, jaundice, nausea, vomiting and headache.

Pathogenic obstruction may be due to overeating, to the excessive intake of starchy, protein and fatty food, and to a deficiency of fruits and vegetables in the diet; or the discharge of the bile may be obstructed by sticky, colloid accumulations in the gall bladder and bile duct. In other cases the bile duct is contracted and obstructed through inflammation in the duodenum.

Anything that interferes with bile formation in the liver or its discharge from the gall bladder or bile duct, not only causes surging back of the bile into the general circulation but also a deficiency of it in the intestinal tract, which in turn gives rise to acidity of the intestinal contents, indigestion, constipation, fermentation and gas formation. This intestinal toxemia is reflected to the brain in the form of congestion and headache, and favors the formation of emboli (obstructive plugs) and the development of apoplectic strokes. Anything that tends to cause constipation and thereby intestinal toxemia or auto intoxication will also help to produce acute or chronic headaches.

The headaches so far described are of the congestive type, characterized by excessive blood pressure to the brain. Anything that tends to raise the blood pressure will therefore create or aggravate these ailments. A common cause is pathogenic obstruction in the capillary circulation, which results in active congestion in the internal organs and the brain; or pathogenic obstruction in the lymphatic or venous drainage which interferes with the flow of the blood from the brain and thus causes passive congestion.

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