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Origin and Evolution of Religion

Origin and Evolution of Religion
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Origin and Evolution of Religion
by Albert Churchward

From the back cover:
Other than Sir James Frazer (The Golden Bough), Albert Churchward is quite likely the only person to have written such and extensive and monumental work on religion. It is called monumental because he attempts to encompass the evolution of religious ideas that have taken place over millions of years. This results in having to explore human evolution, not only in a religious sense, but physically and psychologically as well. To explore these areas successfully, as Churchward has done here, is truly a monumental achievement.

The very first humans appeared in Africa, which also resulted in this being the birthplace of religious ideas, according to Churchward. These first humans engaged primarily in the worship of elemental powers, then progressed into ancestor worship, then finally began to recognize what we could term a "Great Spirit." These forms of worship clearly became more sophisticated as time went on.

Some of our earliest mythological stories are brought to light in this fascinating work, including stories of Resurrection, journeys to the underworld, and the first hero stories. Also explored are the meanings and true origins of sun worship, tree worship, phallic worship, and serpent worship.

Churchward covers Egypt in great depth because many original religious concepts started here. He even includes a complete chapter on the Great Pyramid at Giza, with views on who built it, why it was constructed, and its symbolic meaning.

Major cults of the sun, moon, and stars played important roles in our religious development. We then "graduated" into our more modern systems, as explained by Churchward, with interesting sections on Judaism, Buddhism, Babylonian religion, Duridism, Mohammedism, and Christianity. Some of the information is absolutely amazing concerning the belief origins of these major systems - these last chapters alone are worth the entire cost of the book. This information is well researched and not available elsewhere.

Table of Contents includes: Definitions of Religion; Religious Cult of the Totemic People; Magic and Fetishism; Hero Cult and Mythology; Sacred Symbols; The Stellar Cult; Great Pyramid of Ghizeh; Different Phases of the Stellar Cult; Lunar Cult; Solar Cult; The Jews and Israelites; Babylonian Cult; Buddhism; The Druids; Mohammedism; Cult of Christianity.


422 pages
6 x 9, Comb-bound

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