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Mysteries of Freemasonry

Mysteries of Freemasonry
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Author Name William Morgan & George R. Crafts


Mysteries of Freemasonry

by Captain William Morgan
& George R. Crafts

This edition of Morgan's famous 'Illustrations of Masonry' was greatly expanded and much more added by George R. Crafts.


All The Degrees Of The Order ConferredIn A Master's Lodge,
By Captain William Morgan.

All The Degrees Conferred In The Royal Arch Chapter
Grand Encampment Of Knights Templars
Knights Of The Red Cross Of The Christian Mark Of The Holy Sepulchre.
The Eleven Ineffable Degrees Conferred In The Lodge Of Perfection
Still Higher Degrees Of Prince Of Jerusalem
Knights Of The East And West
Venerable Grand Masters Of Symbolic Lodges
Knights And Adepts Of The Eagle Or Sun
Princes Of The Royal Secret
Sovereign Inspector General, Etc.

Revised And Corrected To Correspond With The Most Approved Forms
And Ceremonies In The Various Lodges Of Free-Masons
Throughout The United States.

By George R. Crafts,
Formerly Thrice Puissant Grand Master
Of Manitou Council, N.Y.


Master says, "Are we all Intimate Secretaries?"

Answer.-We are, Most Illustrious.

Question. Your place?

Answer. In the anti-chamber at the head of the guards.

Question. Your business there?

Answer. To see that the hall of audience is duly guarded.

Question. How are we guarded?

Answer. By Perfect Masters.

The Most Illustrious says, "I appoint Brother --, Lieutenant of the Guards, to aid you in the execution of your duty. Repair to your station and see that none approach without permission."

The guards then fall on their right knees, cross their hands in such a manner that their thumbs touch their temples, and repeat in a low voice, Jeva (pron. Je-vau), thrice, and then retire. Solomon then strikes twice nine, upon which Hiram rises; they make signs of former degrees with twenty signs of this degree. Most Illustrious strikes three times nine and declares Lodge open. A triple triangle is placed on a Bible.


Question.-Are you an intimate Secretary?

Answer.-I am.

Question. How were you received?

Answer. By curiosity.

Question. Explain that.

Answer. Being placed among the guards in the anti-chamber, a brother, representing the King of Tyre, hastily made his way through the guards, with a countenance expressive of anger, and entered the hall of audience, leaving the door partly open; curiosity led me to the door to observe what passed within.

Question. Was you perceived by them?

Answer. I was. Hiram, King of Tyre, hearing the noise I made, suddenly turned his head and discovered me. He exclaimed to Solomon, "My brother, there is a listener." Solomon replied, "It is impossible, since the guards are without."

Question. What followed?

Answer. Hiram, without replying, rushed to the door, and dragging me into the Lodge, exclaimed, "Here he is." Solomon inquired, "What shall we do with him?" Hiram laid his hand on his sword, and answered, "Let him be delivered into the custody of the guards, that we may determine what punishment we shall inflict upon him, for this offence."

Solomon then struck on the table which stood before him, whereupon the guards entered, and saluting the Lodge, received this order from him: "Take this prisoner, secure him, and let him be forthcoming when called for."

Softcover, 5" x 8", 470+ pages


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