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Messages from the Hollow Earth

Messages from the Hollow Earth
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Messages From the Hollow Earth

by Dianne Robbins

Hollow Earth. Aha! We have heard of it from so many people now. New Age writers. Proponents of Tibetan and ancient lore. Explorers. Seers. Seekers. Hollow Earth--- But what difference does it make to our lives? What if our Earth is not solid but hollow inside. What if it's not dark inside, but lighted "oh-so-bright" for there's a small sun at the centre of Earth--- And what if the inside of Earth is not so barren, but full of lush green forests, sparkling rivers, pristine mountains and calm, blue oceans--- though all so inaccessible. It still probably would not make a difference in our lives, unless we are not told that the "inside" is populated too---..Ahoy there! Populated? By whom? By a highly evolved human race--- Oh really?!!!

Why the surprise? Because that does make a difference. The eternal question of 'Are we alone?' has intrigued human generations for centuries. For eons we have remained cut off from our brethren, our cosmic brothers and sisters--- so long that we even forgot where we came from. But our subconscious mind was always looking for our roots--- 'Are we alone in this vast, wild cosmic expanse---?'

Our centuries of hardships have borne fruit. Slowly, but steadily, we are beginning to awaken, with the silent, patient and loving help from our spiritual guides in higher dimensions --- and from the ones beneath us - inside the Hollow Earth. And now is the time to know - YES - WE ARE NOT ALONE !

The Hollow interior of our Earth is inhabited by a highly intelligent and evolved human race, prospering there for millions of years. Not very long ago there was a time when we were all one. But through our own follies we cut ourselves off from the eternal source - from the oneness of humanity inside our Earth. And ever since they have patiently waited for the day of our unification--- wishing only good for us and sending their purest love energy our way. Today, when our mass consciousness is just beginning to realize who we really are, they are once again extending their hand of friendship and help.

Some of the inner civilizations are telepathically communicating with Dianne Robbins, Eric Karagounis, or with anyone who'll open their heart. Mikos, from the Library of Porthologos in Catheria, Inner Earth, in his messages through Dianne, tells about their marvelous spiritual and technological advances - about the impending merger of our civilizations, and about the not so distant future when Mother Earth will regain her lost glory.

Mikos tells us that they, the residents of Inner Earth, originally came from another star system and found our beautiful planet Earth on this outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy millions of years ago. They found their way to Earth's interior and made it their permanent home.The almost perfect conditions inside, along with their pure-hearted, loving and dedicated pursuit for perfection has led them to this high status of technology and spiritualism. Now, that by no means implies they are aliens, because by that yardstick, all of us on the surface would be termed aliens too! For, interestingly, we are all descendents of people who came from other star systems to our Earth very long, long ago.

Mikos further tells us that all the planets in our solar system and elsewhere in our galaxy are inhabited---on the inside. No kidding here - planets are meant to support life only - that's what they are made for! Hey, that would mean there are lots 'n' lots of people out there. Of course there are! And they are all waiting for us to join them. All they want from us is to be peace-loving - give up wars, intend peace and love for all, and to open our hearts to receive God's purest love energy permeating through the universe - that's it! People in the Hollow Earth are in constant touch with people on other planets and star systems - physically, technologically and telepathically. There are huge spaceports inside the Hollow Earth teeming with starships, going in and out of the inside through the polar openings. These are what we commonly refer to as UFOs.

Mikos says they live inside the heart of the Earth in perfect harmony with nature, using the natural resources without depleting them and without polluting the environment. Their technologies are "one" with nature, such as crystal lighting, and anti-gravity based transportation, and their nature-based technologies fulfill all their energy needs. They don't use any fossil fuels. This harmony and oneness with the divine makes them immortal too! There are no diseases aging or death.

There's a lot more to it - lots more to learn and lots more to remember. Only it's not like some boring classroom lecture, but like a fantastic fantasy story, one that's true as well.

Come--- lets extend "our" hand of friendship too. Lets shed our inhibitions, our taboos, our fears, and embrace the loving intent of the One Creator. Lets break the barrier of this self-imposed quarantine, and be one with the people living inside our Earth. Lets make our Mother Earth proud of its children by being united again, and making our journey together through the photon belt to the stars. This is our destiny. The Hollow Earth beckons us in.

Dictated to Dianne Robbins by "Mikos"

Reviewed by BRANTON (BRuce AlaN WalTON),
Hollow Earth Researcher.

Imagine a perfect garden on a warm summer day, the sunshine only obscured now and then by cool clouds drifting overhead. However, this day does not end, but is continual, since the "sun" (the "central sun" within the heart of the earth) never moves. This body of light is just the right size and intensity to keep the inner surface at a warm (not cold nor hot) temperature perpetually. Since there is no "night" there, the inhabitants simply take occasional "naps" to replenish their energy.

This is the setting just outside the library of "Porthologos", which is a magnificent jeweled structure such as has no equal on the surface of the earth, like a structure out of a living dream.

Porthologos is not just a library, but also a holographic "observatory" of our multi-dimensional universe, where all spaces, times, and dimensions may be studied in depth. Truly, Porthologos is a "doorway" to the Omniverse...In Porthologos, you will meet people from other worlds in space, from various underground cities, and even from other dimensions as well.
Unlike our Internet, Porthologos has a Psi-net much like the virtual-reality chairs and helmets that you see in the movies. However it is not "virtual" reality, but "true" reality, as the Psi-net takes you through the virtual galactic info-net to explore other worlds and dimensions with your thoughts AND feelings.
Or, you may experience the crystalline recordings of all the recorded history of our Omniverse, if you wish.
Before the deluge, a canopy or firmament surrounded the entire planet, blocking out the harmful radiations of the sun. This is why centurions such as Methuselah lived to be over 900 years old. But with the falling of this canopy, the protective shield was lost, and man's life span decreased dramatically.

The inner sun, with its electro-magnetically-focused "auroral" nature (its reflection is sometimes seen through the northern and southern openings as the "polar lights"), does not possess the harmful radiation that would otherwise deplete the life-force of its inhabitants, causing these inhabitants to live in the hundreds of years, or even longer than Methuselah's 900+ years. Some of these Inner dwellers, like Mikos himself, live to be many thousands of years old. With the canopy that once covered the earth, the outer surface was once as lush as the inner surface. However, with the fall of the protective canopy that kept the outer planet at an even climate, and blocked out the harmful radiations, the inner surface alone remains in an "Edenic" state.

Most of the cities in the inner surface are underground within the vast caverns of the inner crust, in order to protect and preserve the natural beauty and foliage of the inner surface. All the buildings on the surface of the inner hollow sphere are circular rather than possessing sharp corners.

The crust of the planet is 800 miles thick between the inner and outer surfaces". Since the center of gravity is not the center of the earth, but some 400 miles down from each surface of our 'hollow' sphere, those on the inner sphere might seem to live in an upside-down state from us (just like those living on opposite sides of the outer sphere).

The inner surface of the earth contains only one-half of the gravity as the outer surface. In other words, if one weighed 200 pounds on the outer surface, they would weigh only 100 pounds on the inner surface, possibly explaining why some of these people are nearly twice our size.

Just inside the polar openings there are vast "spaceports" which accommodate galactic visitors who come to visit their friends within the earth.

"MESSAGES FROM THE HOLLOW EARTH" is a must-read, if one is interested in knowing the truth about this strange and wonderful world in which we live, a world that plays such a central role in the history and destiny of the human race in this grand universe."

The following is a sample message:

You Have Waited Thousands of Years to Hear Our Messages

Greetings from the Hollow Earth!

I am Mikos and I dwell inside your Earth. I am reaching up to you in consciousness, to impart our frequency to you as you read the words on these pages of our book. These pages are sacred, for its content contains the mighty power to change the world - if, but enough surface folk read them. This is our purpose for dictating our messages to you. It is to hasten change on the surface so that people will once again be connected to their divine self and source of inner guidance.

You have waited for thousands of years to hear our messages, and it is only now that the vibration is high enough for us to come forward and speak to you. These messages you read, come directly through our hearts, relayed from the heart of God. Your heart is God's receptacle - so open it wide, my dear readers, and receive our words directly into your heart - where their vibrations will raise your consciousness enough to meld into us directly as your eyes perceive our words.

We await the great day when we will be able to show ourselves to you, when you will be able to peer directly into our eyes and fathom the God within our souls - including yours. Many are now still separated from the Lord God I AM of their being, but our purpose for these messages is to bring you the reality of your own God Selves and help you connect to the Light within your own soul.

Life is about connecting - not disconnecting into separate units, as your density and negativity and limitation on the surface caused you to do. Life is a flow of energy, connecting everyone, everywhere, simultaneously. We invite you to be in this flow, and flow with our thoughts and our heartbeat as you read our words carried to the surface on the winds of telepathy - winds that bring our thoughts and feelings into your heartspace - for you to also access as you learn to resonate with our vibration. As you think of Us, you will feel a heightened sense of being as our energy cascades into you. It is a physical sensation that is unmistakable. Move into it - for it is Us - making contact with you - consciousness contact - and it feels like energy currents flowing through you, currents of heightened sensitivity and divine bliss, putting you into a protected space of peace during our connection, that lingers about you for the remaining day. We offer you this, as a gift freely given as you read our words. We've been calling to you for so long, and now through this book to the world, you are hearing us. We are joyously anticipating your heart contact and are ready and eager to respond to your thoughts. So tune into us, sit quietly, and feel our vibration engulf your physical body and raise your energy field. We wait for your call."

Softbound, 5.25 x 8.25, 260 pages

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