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Master Symbol of the Solar Cross : Keys to the Sacred Symbols

Master Symbol of the Solar Cross : Keys to the Sacred Symbols
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Publisher InnerLight/Global
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Author Name Tuella Tarvis Ashtar


Master Symbol
of the
Solar Cross

Keys to the Sacred Symbols and
Secret Ciphers of Humankind
As Transmitted from the
Universal Creator

Tarvis, Compiler
Tuella, Channeler
Ashtar command

Timothy Green Beckley republishes this rare and little known book by the famous channeler Tuella. Tuella's extra-terrestrial mentors reveal the deeper meanings of the symbolism of the Solar Cross and their esoteric relevance.

"No effort for the good of others is ever lost. Whether or not the person who planted its original seed, may see the fruit from that effort, it will remain. The results will ever continue, as a Tree of Life, as the fruit of its Knowledge becomes imperishable through the Understanding within the hearts of others."

From the Preface

In the beginning we were nude perfect, undifferentiated blanks, starting a 'Journey of Growth' which is the whole point of existence. Through innumerable personal experiences we evolve towards perfection of every aspect of our being. Every experience at any stage of development is equally important, and incomparably unique. The very process of Life is the product, and not necessarily the final result. Each aspect of Life is important in its own plane; therefore, an overall balance and a holistic approach is essential to our complete growth. The Solar Cross represents this process of Life.

The choice that each of us must make is either ongoing adaptation, or extinction. Adaptation is the ability to constantly transcend and widen our present narrate belief structure, to absorb amity new diverse factors, and thus bring about a much higher civilized way of Life. Extinction is the ability to constantly ignore the true direction of growth, which is the purpose for Life, and to Limit progress through base actions of ignorance.

The purpose of this book is to expose you to the various concepts, which will gradually waken within you a desire for learning more about the universe, or relationship to it, our purpose in Life, where we came from, and where we are going. You are free to believe or disbelieve the statements that are present in this text, but let each of you realize that your personal conclusion in no way altars THE FACT OF THEIR REALITY !



In the ancient history of the people of planet Terra, sacred symbols were used in teaching all the basic principles of nature. Everything was taught in the slim-pint, most comprehensive language of symbols, used as abject lessons, that could be understood by anyone. All were taught in stages, where sight would supply the absence of spoken words. At every step the student was confronted with symbols of the omnipresent power and wisdom of the Creator.

In the broadest sense, the Unnamable Creative Spirit has outlined the Evolutionary Plan of Creation, through the manifestation of the Universal Laws of Central Force

"The Purpose of Life throughout the Cosmos, and inherent within everyone is the desire to rise to something higher . Therefore, we were endowed with the ability to reason, that we may eventually know and understand all states of Creative Expression in the scheme of All Life."






   Central Force Life.
   Magnetic Resonance.
   Action and Reaction




10¾" height 8¼" width - 250+ pages

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