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Lift Off From Traversa

Lift Off From Traversa
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Lift Off
From Traversa

The first book in
The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight

David R. Clearwaters

" The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight" are the fruits of mortal imagination from the reflections of spiritual sources; wherein cosmic reality and Truth are. This book was written, and the others in this series, for the enjoyment of all open-minded souls who are seeking Spiritual Truth.


This spiritual-fiction trilogy serves as a technical manual and instills a utopian sense of hope for our planet's future. Book one offers a detailed description of how the residents of a dying globe are "lifted off" by Divine Beings and safely transported to a new world. Faced with warring natives there, book two depicts the arrival of a Divine Wayshower, a prototype of Jesus, who exemplifies peaceful co-existence. Technologically-informative, book three sheds light on the interaction between mortal man and his Divine Overseers. Written in a poetically-flowing descriptive manner, it is a Divine Intervention classic that will remove any lingering fear you may have concerning what the future holds for Planet Earth. This unique trilogy will convince you that you are never alone; that the Universe and all Divine Beings are One.

Dorothy Leon


I will tell you of my home and my origin, for I am basically a mortal like you. But it is a rather complicated affair. I am a man without a planet, though I have resided from time to time on several.

My name is Isaac Midnight. At least that is the nearest equivalent concept in your language. But it is in your words that I must write, for my mission is to you and the people of your world. So it is that I put into one tongue that which is of many.

My mission is to relate to you incidents within this grand universe that have been impressed into my consciousness and may be of value to you. They are tales of isolated deeds and daring in the gigantic scheme of activity that runs throughout the vast and ponderous galaxies. I have endeavored to put these in such a way as to relate to your own concepts of time and space. I have found it an interesting and enjoyable undertaking, as they involve experiences centered around my own life and times.

One becomes awed in the presence of the cosmos as it becomes more and more apparent that we are ever in the hands of the One. We are, either by means of the direct circuit, or by the ministration of myriad forms of life and billions of beings of light, or by both at the same time, which is generally the case.

If I could even begin to relate that to you, but then, perhaps these tales will open a door of understanding that will bring about further revelation. There is order. Ah, yes. Everything is in good order. Even the remaining vestiges of evil confusion will falter and fade in the eventual fullness of the Great Plan of the Ever-Watchful One.

Most of the planets are now more settled than your own, which is still engaged in warfare and strife. That is why you remain isolated from the rest of the universal circuits of activity and communication. There are those worse off than your own, but there are so many, now, whose chief aim is that of love and light.

It is difficult on your world to understand why the confusion of evil is still so apparent, even after the Wayshower has personally visited you. It is mostly due to your concept of time. It is much like a stone of sin, dropped into a quiet pond representing all goodness. Though the stone has passed and is now secured forever in the muddy bottom, for a time the ripples of its intrusion must play out upon the, otherwise, calm surface.

Love, real love, is the prescription for speeding that recovery. Love, and its three basic ingredients: Truth, Beauty and Goodness, is always positive, whereas evil is negative. Evil is nothing. It simply does not register on the higher levels of universal consciousness.

It is simple error. But sin is a willful intent to embrace error. It has a purposeful motion though, eventually, it negates itself. Iniquity is the premeditated and repetitiously willful intent to commit sin. It can only ruffle the surface of the still pond--- Iniquity has no power of its own.

Evil is an undeveloped, powerless lack of sight. The results of evil and iniquity have caused most of the strife on your struggling world, but they will be overcome. I have seen it before and I know whereof I speak. The Wayshower has even demonstrated it to you.

305+ pages - 8¼ X 6¾ softcover

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