Science of Money

Science of Money
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The Science of Money

by Alexander Del Mar

This excellent book has been out of print now for quite some time. It is with pride that TGS Publishing is able to scan the original book and make it available to the public once again.

As with all of Alexander Del Mar's books, the content is an excellent exposé of what money is supposed to be, from a period in time before our modern concepts have polluted the monetary systems that were once based on real value.

Alexander Del Mar was born in the city of New York, August 9, 1836. After graduating at a Polytechnic, he was educated as a Civil and Mining Engineer. In 1857 he formed the design of writing a history of the Precious Metals. This led to the study of Money. In 1862 he published "Gold Money and Paper Money," and in 1865 "Essays on the Treasury." In this year he was appointed Director of the Bureau of Statistics, at that time a Board of Trade, with executive functions,among others the Supervision of the Commissioners of Mines, Commerce, Immigration, etc. In 1866 he was appointed the American delegate to the International Congress which met at Turin, Italy. In 1872 (Greeley campaign) he was nominated by Mr. Greeley's friends for Secretary of the Treasury. In the same year he represented the United States at the International Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1877 he was appointed Mining Commissioner to the United States Monetary Commission; 1878, Clerk to the Committee on Naval Expenditures, House of Representatives,; 1879, he published his "History of the Precious Metals," the labor of twenty-two years; 1881, he published "A History of Money in Ancient States; 1885, "Money and Civilization;" 1889, "The Science of Money;" 1895, "A History of Monetary Systems in Modern States;" 1898, "The Science of Money ," in 2d ed.; 1899, "A History of Monetary Crimes;" 1900, "The Science of Money;" 3d ed.; 1900, "A History of Money in America;" 1902, his "History of the Precious Metals," 2d ed.; 1903, "A History of Monetary Systems of France," etc. besides several archaeological treatises of great interest.

For the past twenty years, Mr. Del Mar has given practically his whole time to original research in the great libraries and coin collections of Europe on the subject of the history on Money and Finance. The present volume embodies the results of some of his laours. Alexander Del Mar died in 1926 at the age of ninety.


Historical Reprint Series
Paperback, 5 x 8, 250+ pages

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