Spirituality-Religions For Children Indigo Dreaming : Meditations for Children

Indigo Dreaming : Meditations for Children

Indigo Dreaming : Meditations for Children
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Indigo Dreaming

Meditations for Children

Amy Hamilton

Relax, take a deep breath and imagine a happy, calm, confident child.
Enjoy the magic of Indigo Dreaming.


Flying a dragon over a huge mountain, riding a sea horse to the lost city of Atlantis, or being a superhero with magical powers.

Imagine learning how to make magical thought balloons or to use the enchanted sleeping cloak for a peaceful nights sleep.

This is the world of Indigo Dreaming. Indigo Dreaming - A Book of Meditations for Children is a fun and magical way to introduce children to relaxation and meditation. The book contains 49 fully guided meditations for children aged five to twelve. It is an ideal resource for parents, teachers and health professionals. The book includes activities, tips and information on how to begin and end a meditation. It is easy to read and simple to use.

Each meditation will take children on a different journey and explore a different life skill or value. Children will learn to use breathing techniques, muscular relaxation, visualisation and affirmations in order to relax their mind and body and to find that place of knowingness within. These meditations help children develop self-awareness, believe in their potential and encourage their creativity and imagination.


"I have had the privilege of using these meditations wit children aged 4 to 11 years in the Rainbow Group and found them to be an inspirational and magical tool for parents, teachers and caregivers. The meditations are beautifully written and the children respond so positively that I have incorporated them into the Rainbow Program. These meditations expose children to a whole range of values, encourage relaxation techniques and ultimately allow children to use the power of their own imagination."
- Sarah Waites, Children's Coordinator, Australian College of Healing Arts

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