Historical Reprints Self Improvement/Skills How to Put the Subconscious Mind to Work LARGE PRINT

How to Put the Subconscious Mind to Work LARGE PRINT

How to Put the Subconscious Mind to Work LARGE PRINT
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How to Put the
Subconscious Mind to Work

Large Print

By David V. Bush

First published in 1924

The Fundamentals of Practical Psychology.

Partial Contents:
Unfriendly suggestion
Cure all
Organic & functional diseases
Constructive suggestion
Semi-negative suggestion
Healing children
How to give treatments
After healing
Keeping fit
Eating & mind
Work, service, hobby
Mental indolence.

Page 116
To some to be healed by vibration may appear miraculous but of course it is the natural operation of a common mental and physical law of vibration. A superstitious or religious belief that the Lord spoke and it was done, or, a bigoted idea of the miraculous power of God could have produced the same effect. Anything, be it rabbit's foot or goosequill, the King's garment or a magic wand, which, by thinking stimulates enough faith to tap the reserve power in the sub-concious, could have effected a healing just as well and it would have been an operation of a natural law-the natural law of belief and faith that the healing would take place. But in all healings the natural operation of certain laws which always bring certain results implies surely a loftier conception of God and his laws to the thinking person than the superstitious conclusion that God, the miraculous and divine spoke and it was done.

The truth is that all law is divine and all law is God's law, so God becomes nearer and dear and the conception of Him more clear cut, intelligent and reasonable when we recognize that all things performed in nature conform to and are the result of law and order.

All appeal to the supernatural, to the miraculous or mysterious is misleading-all healing is in accordance with natural laws.

We know that each word has its rate of vibration, hence every thought has its particular vibratory rate. The positive thought always has a rate of vibration higher than the negative. The health thought a rate of vibration higher than the sick. The cheerful thought a vibratory sensation higher than the discouraged. Hence the moment a person takes a positive, constructive, hopeful, health-giving affirmation, the higher rate of vibration within the individual begins at once. It may at first be imperceptible, but it begins just the same. It will not be noticed or felt for some time, but it has begun, nevertheless.

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460 pages, 8¼ x 10¾", Perect Glue Bound softcover LARGE PRINT

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