Historical Reprints Esoteric - Spiritual Hinduism And Buddhism - Set of 3 Volumes

Hinduism And Buddhism - Set of 3 Volumes

Hinduism And Buddhism - Set of 3 Volumes
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Author Name Charles Eliot


Hinduism And Buddhism
Set of THREE Books

An Historical Sketch
Sir Charles Eliot

Probably the first thought which will occur to the reader who is acquainted with the matters treated in this work will be that the subject is too large. A history of Hinduism or Buddhism or even of both within the frontiers of India may be a profitable though arduous task, but to attempt a historical sketch of the two faiths in their whole duration and extension over Eastern Asia is to choose a scene unsuited to any canvas which can be prepared at the present day.

Set of THREE Volumes
Hinduism And Buddhism

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3 Books - 8 x 5 inches SoftCover


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