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Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry

Hidden Power Behind  Freemasonry
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The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry

By Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

This book is written from a Christian perspective, but is an excellent resource on Freemasonry, nonetheless.


  1. What is Freemasonry? (A Grand Chaplain Explains) - Page 5

  2. What about the Youth Orders of Freemasonry? - Page 11

  3. Introduction to the Masonic Problem - Page 17

  4. From the Horse's Mouth - Page 24

  5. A Former High Ranking Mason Looks at Masonic Symbolism - Page 29

  6. Freemasonry: Satan's Door to America? - Page 49

  7. The Talmudic and Masonic Zoo - Page - Page 61

  8. Jewish Influence on Freemasonry - Page 79

  9. Jewish Influence on Masonry Demonstrated - Page 81

  10. Modern Judaism - Page 83

  11. Early Records of Jewish Infiltration - Page 90

  12. A Closer Look at Freemasonry - Page 101

  13. Oaths - The Binding Force in Masonry - Page 113

  14. The Effects of Masonry on England and the Continent - Page 114

  15. Freemasonry Today - Page 120

  16. The Real Jewish Peril! - Page 122

  17. Zionist Capital and Masonic Influence Generate Genocide! - Page 137

  18. Important Points of Connection Between Zionism and Freemasonry - Page 147

  19. Jewish and Masonic Control of the Media - Page 156

  20. The Ethics of Freemasonry - Page 160

  21. Truth From the Masonic Standpoint - Page 165

  22. Masonry's Ideas Concerning Chastity - Page 173

  23. What Masonry Permits! - Page 177

  24. What does the Masonic Covenant Assume? - Page 179

  25. Masonry's Relation to Marriage - Page 183

  26. The Penal Features of Freemasonry - Page 184


Page 15:

Now what is being spoken of was a particularly vile form of child sacrifice. Molech was a god of the Ammorites, an idol made of metal and heated up by flames from within. The child was placed in the idol's red-hot arms and one hesitates to even imagine the results.3The Hebrews were forbidden by God to do this.

Yet, unthinkable as it sounds, the Israelites persistently fell into this precise sort of idolatry. They were so beguiled by the exquisite sounding promises of the priests of Baal and Molech that they willingly passed their sweet children through the fires; in spite of the repeated warnings of the prophets. Even the wise Solomon, one of the patron saints of Masonry, built an altar to this god (1 Kings 11:1-8).

Pages 65-67:

This opens a fact which has been hidden for thousands of years. We know that Catholics literally worship ST. PETER, he his called PATRA-arch, which means ANCIENT STONE.

It is interesting to note that the word HAM is HA'MER or STONE. The PATRA-arch of the family is the ANCIENT STONE of the family. Since the head of the family, HAM was called the LION, therefore the church calls itself CATholic.

If you will look closely at any picture of the Great CAThedral of Babylon, some call it the TEMPLE you will notice on each side of the entrance, a large stone lion with a man's head. The word "HEDRA," from which the last part of the word CAT-HEDRAL comes, means "head," orin most cases "cat's head." This does not refer to leopards or cheetah's but to the King of Beasts, the LION. Thus the head of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, St. Peter, is known in Egypt as PTAH, which means "Ancient Stone."

In the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD, the word mouth is the LION. PTAH was Egypt's great god. The Bible tells us that Egypt is the land of HAM. You make the connection.

In CHALDEAN the Word BAB also means "mouth." Thus again "the LION'S MOUTH." The LEOPARD also has a mouth like a LION and the native word for him is PARD. What is a PARD? It is a PANTHER LION-LEOPARD the mouth or religion. In the U.S. the religion of the Beast is LIONISM or HAMISM or more commonly known as BABYLONIANISM Revelation 11:8 refers to "That great city Babylon in Egypt." It is symbolic, since there was no great city in Egypt called BABYLON

It is interesting to note, that when you travel to Egypt and see the great SPHINX, you see a cat body with a human head, the same as in the doorway of the BABYLONIAN TEMPLE.

Many Jews carry a "cat's paw." Twelve LIONS stood on the six steps leading to Solomon's throne and Jacob said that JUDAH, representative of the JEWS was a "crouching lion," (Gen. 49:9).

The cat represents a witch, witchcraft and the word "cat" in the ancient tongue meant "whore." This is where the term "cat house" came from. The cat is also called a "Pussy," which is the vulgar term used for a woman's sexual parts. These things, unknown to most Christians, had their beginnings from the time of Cain.

End excerpt.

5.5" x 8", softbound, 192 pages

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