Ancient Mysteries Earth's Labrynths HIDDEN WORLD Volume 1 : The Shaver Mystery

HIDDEN WORLD Volume 1 : The Shaver Mystery

HIDDEN WORLD Volume 1 : The Shaver Mystery
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Volume 1

Richard Sharpe Shaver
& Ray Palmer

Mr. UFO, Timothy Green Beckley, brings back the Shaver Mysteries as no one else in the publishing industry can, with his experience and knowledge of not only UFO anomalies, but strange occurences worldwide and underground. Mr. UFO writes his own personal introduction to this new reproduction of Shaver and Palmer's studies and experiences with the underground cavern civilizations.

From the Introduction

Down through the ages men have sensed a mysterious and powerful influence in their lives which they have not been able to confront, face to face, to challenge its evil impact. In their attempt to explain it, men have given it many names: they have called it an "Invisible Government"; they have invented a panoply of "Gods" reigning on some unreachable Olympus; they have attributed it to those among themselves they have called "Warlocks" and "Witches"; they have attributed it to a "Secret Group" of powerful men gathered together as a "Society" dedicated to an invisible rulership; they have called it "Fate"; "Destiny"; "Karma"; and even the "Satanic Realms" of Lucifer and his "Fallen Angels".

In the pages of this series of books, named "The Hidden World", as many facets of this secret and mysterious "influence" upon the destinies of mankind as can be delineated are presented in as factual and complete form as possible. First Of the multiple faces of this "Featureless Entity" to be thus exposed is that now famous one called "The Shaver Mystery".

Initially presented in 1943, it was offered partly as fact and partly in the guise of fiction for the following five years. Its controversial aspects reached. every country in the world and became a living part of philosophy, mysticism, modern science and even fanaticism. Because of its presentation in a magazine ordinarily devoted to fiction, controversy waxed hot and heavy as to the "fact" and the "fiction"-which was which. That the entire "mystery", at least in this respect, should be cleared up was unanimously demanded. Here, in these pages, this is done. In complete form, it will be an enormous bibliography.

From the very first letter concerning his mysterious "alphabet" written by Richard S. Shaver in 1943 to the present day, every relevant term of evidence is presented. All those stories published as "thought records" (which they actually are) with the portions which are fictional properly designated as such; all those many hundreds of hitherto unpublished letters written by Shaver to explain, in confidence to his editor, the truths behind his stories; all those pertinent letters of corroboration from readers who swore Shaver told not fiction, but truth; the scientific theories advanced by Shaver, and later "discovered" by science; the supporting evidence of myth and legend, of scholarly research works such as Churchward's books, the writings of Edgar Cayce, the mysterious book "Oahspe", and a vast bibliography of literature both fictional and factual and also biographical and historical; the world of mysticism, spiritism, the world's religions and their tenets and beginnings; the evidence of geology, astronomy, anthropology, biology, and in fact the whole gamut of scientific knowledge and discovery and record.

In all this there is no actual continuity, nor can there be. The whole purpose of this record is to make available for future study and analysis and possibly proof the entire mass of material which exists on the stupendous concept which has come to be known simply by the name of the man who first presented it, the "Shaver Mystery".

In these pages is not only the life work of Richard S. Shaver himself, but of dozens of other men and women, his contemporaries. Also there appears all that can be unearthed of the work of countless human beings long since departed from the known world. That much remains to be revealed and deciphered is certain. That this record may never be completed is equally certain. But that its value to the thoughtful among men is enormous cannot be denied. Tens of thousands of men and women have testified that the Shaver Mystery has changed their lives, opened up vistas undreamed, furnished them with valuable tools to enhance and make more purposeful and hopeful the grim business of living. The greatest challenge of the Shaver Mystery is to man's ability to think.

In these pages is the proof that we are not here merely by chance; but that we possess a Destiny that Shaver says we have missed. Whether we can yet achieve it is the true problem all concerned are trying to solve. What is this Hidden World that has robbed mankind of his rightful heritage, and can we expose and defeat it at last? That is the true mystery we ponder upon.

Without knowledge we cannot be free. Here, then are the facts.


Gradually the whole picture of what they had been in the past, what they were today, and what they would always be without change and without end, came crystal clear before my despairing eyes.

I wove the terrible truth into my science-fiction stories as footnotes, as background. Willy-nilly I tried to give my hard-won information to my fellow men. But science fiction was not the best place for an exposition of this ancient parasite, this living relic from the days of greater horror upon Earth. My writing was much misunderstood.

That this race who has been given so much, so early in history, before surface man had learned anew to shape metal into machines, should have been degraded and ruined by fortune's greatest gifts was not acceptable to the hopeful young minds of the science fiction field. How the products of the greatest science ever to exist on Earth should have made of its discoverers such a puny, fantastically malevolent strain of human was not understandable to the devotees of science who see in science and mechanics. only good. How could the possessors of so much yet be so utterly selfish with their possession through the long centuries of man's slow rise from darkest ignorance?

The teenage science fiction reader with his limited school text history could not comprehend the possibility of their existence, let alone accept it. Neither did I expect acceptance; I only tried to tear away the ancient veil.

A public raised to believe implicitly that our modern industrial chaos, is the supreme "culture" of all time looked with unseeing eyes as I tried to lift that veil. I knew then I was not big enough, not wise enough, to succeed where so many of the greats of all time had failed. The veil remains, and will remain. But for a few of us, it is permitted to see the hideous and ancient corruption that it hides, and in my own case, actually to live with it for a time.

I felt that I needed an audience of scholars, with a background of much reading in the classics and in ancient literature, able to appreciate the positive proofs of their identity and their present existence I was able to present, if I could find the proper place and time. Readers of science fiction were not such scholars.

Even so, the majority of the readers of the Shaver Mystery, as it came to be called, applauded, asked for more and better proof, wrote tens of thousands of letters (in themselves a proof because of their content of parallel phenomena agreeing with my interpretation of these everywhere concurrent phenomena).

To write that "they" had been the little people, the power behind the witches and the demon cults, the motive power in the religious miracles, the spirits behind the oracles, the recipients and the devourers of the sacrifices in the temples, the hoarders of the wealth of gifts to the Gods-to say these things is one thing; to prove them is something else, at this date. But there are many things that can be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and these assembled proofs constitute a powerful persuasion upon any open mind. To many, they provide conviction that all is not as it seems upon the fair green ball of Earth.

To me, struggling to find an opening out of the morass (no longer just for myself, but now for all mankind) the flood of letters I received from other sufferers was a crushing blow, bringing hopeless despair. The caverns were not, I realized now, a localized thing-they extended underneath every area of Earth. The evidence of their activity and strength piled up, until I could not help but conclude there is no answer for present day man. He cannot break their power over him, nor remedy the ills they visit upon him: he cannot get from them one secret of the ancient wisdom, nor one great basic truth of scientific use. . . not consciously. Unconsciously, I think, men must borrow from "their" knowledge of the ancient work, which would explain the modern age, its rapid invention and growth.

The visits of the saucers bring with them, for me, fresh despair. For I see them as proof of the caverns' contact with space. Knowing the cave people, I know that if any of visiting saucers were benevolent visitors bringing gifts and scientific knowledge to the surface people, they would be destroyed. To me, that explains the failure to contact our surface government. because those saucers that are not destroyed are our ancient enemies. If some would be our friends, those friends are destroyed before they can free us from our ignorance; from our ancient unseen chains.

The unseen world beneath our feet, malignant and horrible, is complete in its mastery of Earth.

And most horrible of all, it is a world of madmen.

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