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A Narrative of the Adventures
and Psychological Experiences of Julian Robinson
(Afterwards Viscount Ladywood).
Under Petticoat Rule, Written by Himself

Julian Robinson

Erotica from the 1800s. In 1893 A Clandestine Publisher Brought Out A Flagellation Novel With An Entirely New Twist: The Hero/Victim Is Dressed As A Girl. This Was Gynecocracy:

Gynecrocacy Definition
1. Government by women.
2. A society ruled by women.
Female Domination



A quote from a prospectus of 1896 about the book, which confirms that it was appreciated as new at the time:

"Gynecocracy" is not a common smutty little pamphlet devoted to the vulgar description, in coarse ungrammatical language, of common give-and-take love, but it is entirely based on a new idea, a fresh conception relating to a state of society that we may have heard about, talked about and whispered about; but we have never yet had this peculiar, pleasing, tantalising, salacious system of trained lubricity exposed before in print.

For many it will be a relaxation. The. famous Marquis de Sade found pleasure in humiliating female victims. Can it be possible that there are dainty, high-bred ladies who, gaily turning Nature's laws upside down, find sweet solace in the sufferings of a sweet youth, who becomes their victim, and is forced to be their toy, sometimes an unwilling one, subjected to their most extraordinary lewd desires and inventions? Is petticoat-government a desirable form of education for a raw youth of tender birth, and can he become a man, if brought up among girls, dressed in female attire with corset, high-heeled shoes and sixteen-button gloves, so as to destroy all outward signs of his sex?

What influence will this life of slavery have upon his sexual longings and future career? Can a man be of both sexes at once and change his nature, as he dresses either in masculine or feminine attire? All these questions relating to the sway of womanly government are here fully solved, among a series of adventures which for delicate handling, albeit full of real erotic and novel surprises, surpasses anything that has ever been published up to this day in any language.


By this time I am thirty years of age, and well aware of it.

Home-staying youths, some poet or wiseacre has said, have ever homely wit. Whether I have a homely wit or indeed any wit, I do not know. I have never endeavoured to form an opinion, deeming the question not to be one into which I could hope to enquire impartially; in fact, not one for my personal judgment. But though I have been a home-staying youth, I have had experiences; experiences of the world, that is to say, of woman, whom I regard as a complete epitome of the world-and if anyone, home-stayer or otherwise, has had experience of her in all her moods and whims, and has passed through all the psychological and physical gymnastics by which her varying caprices and lusts can conduct his soul, his passions, and his senses, and still preserves a homely wit, he must be an arrant duffer!

For Woman is a complete education.

By my own experience, I have reason to respect the petticoat and chemise, the drawers and long stockings, the high-heeled boots and tight corsets-and what they contain -and to believe that good may accrue to a young man by being disciplined by a smart girl. This may be thought a very peculiar view.

To give one instance, a young man of my acquaintance was sent at nine years of age to a fashionable preparatory school for Eton, and was expelled eighteen months afterwards. It was considered futile to send him to another school. Three tutors successively resigned on the ground that he was altogether incorrigible. At a loss what to do, his guardians enquired in all directions, and answered innumerable advertisements of persons professing to devote themselves to the reformation of backward and refractory boys, until, at last, it was suggested by a friend of the family, who had had some German anthropological experiences, that the lad should be taken in hand by a lady.

The idea was astounding! A great, rough, strong boy of fifteen who had defied the discipline of private schools and tutors, and of specialists who devoted themselves to such characters, would never yield to a lady. The friend, a person of position and reputation, pledged herself that he would be completely broken in; she had known similar cases in which the plan she advocated had proved successful beyond all possible expectations. After protracted discussion, her suggestions were adopted. A pension was quickly found. The Grafin von- stipulated that the lad should be left absolutely under her control for two years, and at the end of that period he turned out a model of docility and obedience, courtesy, and chivalry, and with remarkable intellectual development and self-possession.

His friends acknowledged with wonder and gratitude the marvellous transformation which the pretty demure German Countess had wrought. Naturally, they were curious to ascertain by what magic she had worked this miracle.

375+pages - 6¾ x 8¼ softcover

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