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Gold For Survival

Gold For Survival
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Gold For Survival
by Antony C. Sutton

The American Dream has been lost. Lost mainly by the greed and envy and politicians responding to demands from those who want to live on the work of others.

We can remember a time, certainly in the 1950's when anyone who wanted to work could find a job. In those days the job of government was little more than unemployment checks and fighting wars. You could start a business with no hassles, farm your land without bureaucrats telling you how, your kids went to school without fear and might actually learn something.

Then came the Great Society and a President who tried to fight a no-win war and hand out goodies at the same time. Followed by a series of presidents who tried to get elected by taking from some and giving to others, all the while forgetting their arithmetic, so the country got deeper and deeper in debt...

The inner cities became jungles of violence and hate... all concentrated in the Government housing projects. No one has noticed that the most dangerous parts of a City are those where the most Government money is invested. The Government itself got into drug-trafficking-- Thirty Government at last count are in the drug business....

The technological apparatus for New World Order is in place, far more than is known to the average citizen. The information super-highway, electronic smart cards, biological implants.... The vast computer arrays, the tracking potential of Big Brother (the surveillance potential), is not known, and indeed known in detail to a very few. The U.S. Government has in fact the ability to track millions citizens simultaneously. You might ask.. why? Why does the U.S. Government need this ability? Not for terrorism, not for interstate crime. Obviously it is getting ready for total control.

Survival? Yes, that's what it has come down to in these United States. It's tragic but true.

About the Author:

Antony C, Sutton, D.Sc. was born in London, England in 1925, spent most of his life in the United States and has been a citizen for 40 years.

With an academic background in economics and engineering, Sutton has worked in mining exploration, iron and steel industries before graduate school at UCLA. In the 1960's he was Professor of Economics at California State University, Los Angeles, followed by seven years as a Research Fellow at Stanford University.

While at the Hoover Institution (Stanford), Sutton wrote the three volume definitive work on Soviet Technology, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (still in print after 25 years). This was followed by National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union (Arlington House) which accused the Establishment of killing Americans in Vietnam with our own technology. Hoover Institution, under pressure from the White House, arbitrarily converted Sutton to a "non-person" by removing his Fellowship.

Intrigued by the powerful forces behind this assault, he then researched and wrote another three volumes on the financial and political support given by Wall Street international bankers to three variants of socialism. These were published as Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise Hitler and Wall Street and FDR (all in the 1970's).

After leaving Stanford, Sutton edited The Phoenix Letter, a monthly newsletter on the Abuse of Power (still published today) and in 1990 started another newsletter, Future Technology Intelligence Report, covering suppressed technology.

In philosophy a strong constitutionalist, the author freely expresses his contempt for Washington usurpation of political power...but always based on the facts.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 190 pages, Paperback - perfect bound

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