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Nothing in This Book Is True

Nothing in This Book Is True
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Nothing in This Book Is True,
But It's Exactly How Things Are

By Bob Frissell

If conventional explanations of life don't make much sense to you anymore, the ideas in this book just might. Included within is an account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness with a big screen view of the Earth drama through the experience of the Ascended Masters, Thoth, Babaji, and a playful witness-guide from the 13th dimension, Drunvalo Melchizedek. Drunvalo's view of what is really taking place is mind expanding, to say the least! Yet it is somehow strongly familiar, touching deep chords of memory and intuition concerning our future. Some of the topics explored include pole shifts, realities other than 3rd dimensional, and an introduction to Sacred Geometry, Prana breath, the secret government, healing, and completion of a cycle.

Table of Contents:
1. First Contact
2. What's Going On?
3. Why Now?
4. Problems with Planet Earth
5. Dimensions
6. Our History
7. Drunvalo
8. Introduction to Sacred Geometry
9. The Right Eye of Horus
10. The Left Eye of Horus
11. The Halls of Records
12. Prana (click for more)
13. The Philadelphia Experiment
14. 1972
15. The Secret Government
16. What Usually Happens
17. Rebirthing (click for more)
18. Your Body Is Light and You Are Immortal
19. Rebirthing: the Left Eye of Horus
20. Healing
21. Life Context
22. Completion
23. What Does It All Mean?


"What is really taking place as we head toward the end of this millennium? If conventional explanations don't make sense to you anymore and you want to explore more options, read this book. An insightful, radical view of our planet's history and its future" - Perceptions

" . . . the material is, if anything, more confounding than what the Pleiadians and/or Sirians have to 'tell' us" - New Age Journal

"Gray Aliens, Ascended masters, Thoth, Babaji, free energy, cattle mutilations, crop circles, rebirthing, earth changes, the Great Pyramid and secret colonies on Mars-they're all here . . . . plus a playful guide from the thirteenth dimension, Drunvalo Melchizedek." - Planetery Connections

This is an accessible guidebook to consciousness expansion and evolutionary progress which, in effect, restates age-old knowledge, and in so doing reminds us of our heritage as spiritual beings . . . Frissell tells his account primarily through the experience of one Drunvalo Melchizedek, a 'walk-in' being whop claims to be from the thirteenth dimension by way of several vibration-stepping-down incarnations along the way-on this occasion via a mutual spiritual pact with a male human in 1972 . . . Part of Drunvalo's mission is to remind us that we can . . . assemble within ourselves the universal pattern of creation-our own merkabah vehicles-which will facilitate the evolution of our consciousness as well as that of planet earth. - Nexus

Chapter 17 - Rebirthing
Rebirthing is a tool that enables you to directly experience the One Spirit that moves through everything. Not only that, rebirthing teaches in a way that allows you to create for yourself an inner experience of unity as an ongoing process.

The only way to unite with the Spirit is to discover it within. This is the only way, and in so doing you're uniting with the infinite power of the universe.

Rebirthing is about learning how to breathe energy with air. It is the same energy that built and maintains your body; it is life-force energy or prana. It is thoroughly capable of cleansing, balancing, and healing your body.

Rebirthing is much more than just breathing; it is a combination of consciously breathing energy along with correctly using your mind so that you bring the two into harmony, working in alignment with each other
The practice we are talking about here is rhythmic breaths in which "inhale" and "exhale" are connected without any pause in between them. The emphasis is on the inhale; the exhale is totally relaxed. This type of breathing will facilitate the movement of energy in your body-very pure, very powerful light energy, the energy of the life force itself. The natural tendency of this energy is to bring to your attention anything that you are holding on to that is less pure than itself.

Again, rebirthing is much more than just breathing. The process also includes expanding your ability to relax into, tune into, feel, and be at peace with whatever is going on in your body. This results in emotional resolution. The focus is on expanding to include all the physical sensations in your body, ranging from emotions (which do feel like something) to tingling, vibrating, and the like. These sensations will then gradually integrate into your greater sense of well-being. This enables you to let go of negativity you have been carrying around as a result of suppressing emotions.

Rebirthing is about completing the past. Incompletions from the past live in the body, absolutely, totally, and completely in the form of what you might call stuck energy, held in place by shallow breathing. To those of you who have done any bodywork, it might be obvious what I am talking about here.

Contrast rebirthing with the ways in which you might have dealt with unwanted emotions in the past. Let's take anger, for example. First, it is almost certainly not present-time anger, but most likely is an incompletion from the past being triggered by a present-time experience. This is how incompletions from the past work; they continue to manifest in present time and we usually resist. Around and around it goes. One way people deal with anger is to internalize it by denying it, suppressing it, or blaming oneself. Another way is to externalize it by blaming others, kicking and screaming, or acting it out in some other way. Neither way ever produces emotional resolution.

What works is to apply the process of rebirthing, that is, connected breathing, relaxing into the feeling, feeling it in exquisite detail, and continuing to make peace with what you are feeling.

End Excerpt

5.5x8.5, trade paper, 236 pages

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