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Gleanings Along the Path

Gleanings Along the Path
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Along the Path

By Dorothy Leon

A unique compilation of thirty years of thoughts, writings, and spritual quests and teachings from author Dorothy Leon.

The contents exemplify the various stages in the rise of her Kundalini and ultimate achievement of the God-Consciousness.

This work comes directly from the heart to you.


When I recently sat down to write an article for my newsletter, I was guided to provide a special file on my computer labeled "articles". When I did so, I was told to include all the articles I had written during the last thirty years of sending out newsletters. It sounded like a tremendous task, since they had only been computerized since 1991.

But I thought I had only written twenty or so articles. Imagine my surprise when I found that I had 64! I didn't even remember a lot of them. Fortunately, I had saved all my old newsletter in notebooks. But it was still a monumental effort to re-type the first 41.

I dutifully did as I was guided, although I didn't understand the reason. After nearly a month of working to complete the assignment, my Higher Self said: "Now form the articles into a book entitled: "Gleanings Along the Path" and include some of your poetry and songs." I was flabbergasted at such a request, especially since I had just completed my fifteenth book and thought my "writing assignment" was completed.

In each book, I had emphasized the teachings or researched some particular subject, rather than to detail my inner spiritual experiences. Being a teacher, I thought it was the Ascended Master's teachings that were important, rather than my own "gleanings".

The newsletter articles, I had written to my group and others interested in our teachings--our list kept growing through the years until it reached a thousand a month.

Like letters to my dearest friends, the articles were dashed off in a hurry and came straight from my heart. I was not trying to impress anyone, but just sharing my innermost spiritual feelings because so many of the readers were going through similar experiences, and probably at a much higher level. I never dreamed that anyone outside our "flock" would be interested.

When writing my books, I perfected them to death; editing and re-editing; searching and researching, never feeling that they were perfect enough. But, when it came to my heartfelt articles, there was nothing to edit or research. My Higher Self told me it was because of this that my "Gleanings Along the Path" would be my greatest work. I was shocked! "Really?" I asked. "But they were not even perfected; they were just dashed off." My answer was: "That which comes from the heart is superior to editing. Others will be helped by reading your experiences with kundalini and achievement of God Consciousness."

So, to those of you who read these articles, please know that I consider you to be my dearest friends because you are sharing my heart; we are all One.

About the Author: Dorothy Leon:

Born under unusual circumstances in a log cabin in the Missouri Ozarks, Dorothy Leon has been a mystic since birth. The morning after her delivery, a wandering psychic told her mother that she had to be named Dorothy because she had "a work to do". Conversing with angels, she was later contacted by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

After graduating from high school and college, she studied with Walter Russell's "University of Philosophy and Science," a Kahuna Priest in Hawaii, and the "Cosmic Star Temple," where she became an ordained minister. She also belonged to an Essene group, Astara, Order of the Circle Cross, Mentalphysics, Keepers of the Flame, The Baconian Society, and Mother Mary's Circle.

She has served as a minister/counselor/writer for the past thirty years, during which she, under the direction of Saint Germain, founded the "Violet Flame Center", "New Age Center", and "Anchor of Golden Light Retreat." She also did "light work" and cleansings on the planetary ley lines, which included a trip to Peru. After years of active service, and having a kundalini experience, she was told to go into seclusion and given a "writing ministry."

Her hobbies are music, gardening, hiking, bird watching, and rock hounding, which she says are effective in balancing her intense spiritual work. Mother of four sons, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, she also enjoys visiting and camping with her family.

"The hardest part of my ministry," she says, "was having to dress up and wear high heels. In the Ozarks we didn't wear shoes. I am just a country girl at heart and have always been in love with God."

Softcover, 8 x 5", 250+ pages


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