Beyond Reality Out of this World GONE FOREVER IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE


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Sean Casteel

As a kid, I was mesmerized by stories of people who simply vanished into thin air. Picking up Charles Fort's works, I can recall reading cases of humans who disappeared just walking out their door, or getting into a coach, and never being seen again. It's a damn eerie feeling to think that something like this could happen to any one of us and our friends, neighbors and loved ones will never know where we vanished to. I remember one of the stories I used to read over and over because I couldn't get it out of my mind.


I made up my mind that I would do my best to find Halsey's missing plane and the two bodies, but I wanted more definite information. It was not long in coming. The message was:

"March 21, 1965. The plane skimmed over the peak to closely we thought it would crash into it. The plane kept up only a short while afterwards and we hit the next peak farther south. The location is about two miles south of the main peak and about five miles back of the road. Altitude is about 6,000 feet. (Are you sure of this? I asked.)

Yes, for once we are talking about the same thing. Go up and search the main range. You will find us at the middle of the Virgin Mountain range, but high up on the mountainside in deep, thick brush. The place to look for our wrecked plane is up on the side of Virgin Peak, about midway from the north end of the range, on the western slopes. The plane got over the main peak but slid down farther on and hit a peak beyond."

The Virgin Mountains? I'd never heard of them before Wally Halsey mentioned them in his psychic messages to me. I must go to the area and at least get a good look at it. But I'd need help. Right away I thought of Daniel Morales and of Fred Tellander. To look at them outwardly, they seemed as different as day and night. But both had one essential thing in common . . . a spirit of adventure. Each was unique in his views toward life. Take Daniel, for instance. His ancestors made their home in Mexico. They were big, bold and powerful people with a strong leaning for the religious life. Daniel had known Dr. Halsey personally and had attended many of his meetings in Los Angeles. When I talked to him on the phone, he agreed at once to make the trip.

"I'll help drive the car and share the expenses, Michael," he said, "and we can all hike into the area together. I haven't been to that region before, but to be on the safe side we'd better carry plenty of water, binoculars, walkie-talkies for communication and whatever other equipment might be of help."

"Okay, Daniel," I said. "I know you have some of those things. We'll take them. We're going into the higher mountains of Nevada around Lake Mead, where the rattlesnakes roam, the brush is thick and the animals are wild."


"Yes, I guess there are mountain lions in the higher regions, but from what you've been telling me, our traveling pal Fred's been in many a wild mountain area all over the world. Is it true he never carries a gun or a knife?"

"He carries a pocket knife. Says it's all he needs. You know, that man amazes me. He just laughs at danger. I believe that Fred can crawl in, under, around or over anything or any situation and come out on top. One time in Colombia, he escaped out of the hands of a platoon of political killers-guerillas-by tricking them. They had found him in a house and were about to take him off to prison for torture and a sure death, but somehow he got them to grant him a last favor. Could he take a shower bath before leaving? They said yes, so he went into the shower room and turned on the faucets. They were in the next room and could not see him but could hear the water running. Fred left the shower on and crawled out the bathroom window and onto the back roof in his bare feet.

"Suddenly, an inner voice warned Fred to go back and get his shoes. He hated to go back into the house and take the chance of getting caught by the guerillas, but he obeyed the voice and went back for the shoes. Then he returned to the rooftop without being spotted, even though they'd posted a guard outside. By making a terrific jump off the roof into an alley, Fred made a perfect escape. If he hadn't obeyed the inner voice, though, he might not have saved his life, because right at the spot where his feet hit the ground, there was a lot of sharp, broken glass. His feet would have been cut to ribbons if he'd been barefoot."

"What a man!" said Daniel. "I know he's a deep student of yoga and a lot of other esoteric philosophies, but Michael, do you think he really could ward off a mountain wildcat just by tuning in to its vibrations like he told you?"

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