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Flowers from the Tree of Wisdom

Flowers from the Tree of Wisdom
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Flowers from the
Tree of Wisdom

By Eskandar de Vos

While many collections of inspiring quotations have been published, this one stands out, both for the high quality of its contents and for its tasteful presentation. This special book carries an energy of its own, and that is what makes it so precious. It makes a wonderful gift - and a lasting one, as the messages it contains can be referred to again and again throughout a lifetime.

More than 600 inspiring quotations are presented here, under three broad headings:

Inspiration and Motivation
God and Spirituality
Love and Relationships

Within these three groupings the quotes flow through various related themes. Happiness, attitude, dreams, determination, courage, leadership, vision, peace, friendship, forgiveness, and compassion are just a few of these themes.

These quotations have been carefully selected and compiled by Eskandar from the thousands that he has gathered over the years. The resulting " bunch of other people's flowers" represents a distillation of the collective wisdom of humankind. The first edition of Flowers from the Tree of Wisdom, published in 2003, was reprinted in 2004. In this second expanded edition, published in 2005, the number of quotes has been more than doubled.


"(Flowers from the Tree of Wisdom) is stylishly and attractively designed, from cover to pagination. The author's industry and care in culling these landmarks largely from the wisdom of our forebears, have resulted in a stimulating collection of thoughts and ideas which resonate in the mind at many levels. A good browse and a pleasure to have on the bookshelves."
- Sir W. K. CBE - Judge (retired) NZ

"This collection of flowers from the tree of wisdom is no doubt the best of them all in my opinion"
- R. B. (Professor of Studies in Religion, University of Queensland)

"This is a very personal collection gathered with insight and sensitivity. I recommend it."
- M. S-F. (Professor of History)

"This book will certainly achieve its aim of bringing 'inspirational energy' to those who read it."
- Dr. C. M (University of New England)

About the Author:

Born in Italy, Eskandar de Vos travelled extensively during his youth, as his father was a United Nations consultant. He now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Eskandar has a strong commitment to personal development and growth. This, combined with a great concern for the welfare of his fellow human beings, has led him to the study of psychology and the practice of counselling.

His passion for collecting inspiring quotations began more than ten years ago, when he first discovered the joy of reading personal development books. He believes in the power of such quotes to inspire, motivate, and heal - and, indeed, to transform our lives. With this in mind, he has put together this collection of his favourites, in order to share them with others.

Softcover, 5" x 8", 175 + pages
Imported from Australia


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