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Fire From the Sky

Fire From the Sky
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Fire From the Sky

Battle of Harvest Moon and the
True Story Behind Space Shuttles

Tesla: The Electric Magician
and The Abduction Controllers

Committee of Twelve

AMERICA WAS FULL OF NAZIS! - Soon after cessation of hostilities closed World War Two, hundreds of former Nazi scientists and SS members were secretly smuggled into America to work on military and space programs for the United States government (Operation Paperclip).


They were employed by nearly every one of the military-industrial complex companies, developing bombs, missiles, rockets, aircraft and advanced ground vehicles for use in future wars.

Many former Nazis went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency and, indeed, they actually formed the foundation of that agency after the war because they kept accurate records of their enemies (Russia) during the war, and the agents brought their knowledge and contacts information with them.

But the Russians had captured their own cadres of German scientists after the war and put them to work developing the same types of machines for the same purposes. Russia's German scientists actually helped the Soviets beat America into space. Russia launched the first satellite, put the first man into orbit around the planet, and Russian cosmonauts conducted the first space walk. Russia also placed the first automated research vehicle on the moon, an achievement America would not match for decades.

Both countries, and others, made adequate use of Tesla technologies to create weapons and communications devices previously undreamed of, including.if the records are true.aerial disc platforms, or flying saucers..

Intelligence records show that German scientists had built and test-flown several different types of flying discs. The complete plans for one type were captured at the BMW auto factory in Prague at the close of the war.

From the development of the atomic bomb to the refinement of the space shuttles to the planned future missions to Mars, German scientists were up to their elbows in America's business.military, commercial and industrial.and they still are!

Fire From The Sky is the story of how it all happened and the consequences with which we all must live today. The cold war did not end; it simply went underground. You might be surprised to learn who is planning your childrens' future.

175+ pages - 8 x 10¾, softcover

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