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Fingerprints of the Gods

Fingerprints of the Gods
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Fingerprints of the Gods

by Graham Hancock

On 6th July 1960 Lt Colonel Harold Ohlmeyer, a United States Airforce Commander, sent a reply to a letter from one Professor Charles Hapgood who had requested his opinion on a feature found on a map of 1513 AD called the Piri Reis Map. Lt Colonel Ohlmeyer's reply was a bombshell. The map, showing the coastline of the east coast of the Americas and the west coast of Africa, the Colonel remarked, also seemed to show the coastline of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica free of ice - a condition it had not been in for some 9000 years!

In fact, it is only in recent times that modern man has been able to map this coastline using sub-surface surveying techniques that can penetrate the ice sheet that lies on top of it.

Ohlmeyer had no idea how a map existing in the 16th century could have got hold of such knowledge.

This was one of the many mysteries that lead Graham to begin his epic journey into man's past that is Fingerprints of the Gods - and it is a mystery whose solution is mindblowing.

Travelling first to South and Meso-America, Graham finds evidence of myths of a white-skinned 'god' named Quetzalcoatl or 'Viracocha' who came from a drowned land bringing knowledge of farming and culture after a great flood. Tied in with these myths Graham begins to crack an ancient code imprinted in these ancient tales that refer to the 'great mill' of the heavens.

It is an astronomical code that deals with the position of the stars over vast periods of time - a code that reveals the ancients knew far, far more than they are generally credited with. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to this desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind.

Moreover, the whole layout of the Giza plateau seems to point to a date many thousands of years earlier than the date of its supposed construction - a date revealed in the astronomical alignments of the Pyramids, the 'mansions of a million years', home of the god Osiris, the bringer of agriculture to the Egyptians, like Quetzalcoatl, after a flood.

Could the Piri Reis maps be evidence for a previously unknown complex maritime civilisation, capable of mapping the globe? A global culture, cataclysmically destroyed at the end of the ice age, remnants of which survived the devastation to pass on their knowledge to the shaken world?

Were the figures of Osiris and Quetzalcoatl survivors of this lost race - passing down not only advanced geographical knowledge, but a secret astronomical code veiled in myth that pointed to the devastation in the past, and warned of that which is to come?

From the mysterious sites of Tiahuanaco and Teotihuacan, to the enduring enigmatic Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt, the grandiose Nazca lines of Peru to the stark primal beauty of the Osireion at Abydos, this is a journey both around the globe and into the heart of the true prehistoric origins of man. Part adventure, part detective story, this book will force you to revaluate your beliefs of the past.

Book Contents

Part I Introduction: The Mystery of the Maps
1. A Map of Hidden Places
2. Rivers in the Southern Continent
3. Fingerprints of a Lost Science

Part II Foam of the Sea: Peru and Bolivia
4. Flight of the Condor
5. The Inca Trail to the Past
6. He Came in a Time of Chaos.
7. Where There Giants Then?
8. The Lake at the Roof of the World
9. Once and Future King
10. The City at the Gate of the Sun
11. Intimations of Antiquity
12. The End of the Viracochas

Part III Plumed Serpent: Central America
13. Blood and Time at the End of the World
14. People of the Serpent
15. Mexican Babel
16. Serpent Sanctuary
17. The Olmec Enigma
18. Conspicuous Strangers
19. Adventures in the Underworld, Journeys to the Stars
20. Children of the First Men
21. A Computer for Calculating the End of the World
22. City of the Gods
23. The Sun and the Moon and the Way of the Dead

Part IV The Mystery of Myths: 1. A Species with Amnesia
24. Echoes of Our Dreams
25. The Many Masks of the Apocalypse
26. A Species Born in the Earth's Long Winter
27. The Face of the Earth was Darkened and a Black Rain Began to Fall

Part V The Mystery of Myths: 2. The Precessional Code
28. The Machinery of Heaven
29. The First Crack in an Ancient Code
30. The Cosmic Tree and the Mill of the Gods
31. The Osiris Numbers
32. Speaking to the unborn

Part VI The Giza Invitation: Egypt 1
33. Cardinal Points
34. Mansion of Eternity
35. Tombs and Tombs Only?
36. Anomalies
37. Made by Some God
38. Interactive Three-Dimensional Game
39. Place of the Beginning

Part VII Lord of Eternity: Egypt 2
40. Are There Any Secrets Left in Egypt?
41. City of the Sun, Chamber of the Jackal
42. Anachronisms and Enigmas
43. Gods of the First Time
45. The Works of Men and Gods
46. The Eleventh Millenium BC
47. Sphinx
48. Earth Measures
49. The Power of the Thing

Part VIII Conclusion: Where's the Body?
50. Not a Needle in a Haystack?
51. The Hammer and the Pendulum
52. Like a Thief in the Night

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