Money Economics Frauds in Money Fed UP - The Enemy Within

Fed UP - The Enemy Within

Fed UP - The Enemy Within
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** FED-UP **

By: Thomas D. Schauf

The Enemy From Within

Note from publisher:

Mr. Thomas D. Schauf, worked up his report, to clear up questions he had received about the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). Mr. Schauf spent a great deal of time researching the FED. The resulting, shocking and revealing conclusions are as follows.

THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value, thereof. Today, however, the FED, which is a privately, owned company, controls and profits from coining (printing) money through the treasury, and regulating its value.

The FED began with approximately 300 people, or banks, that became owners (stockholders purchasing stock at $100 per share - stock is not publicly traded), in the Federal Reserve Banking System. They make up an international banking cartel, of wealth, beyond comparison (Reference 1, 14). The FED banking system collects billions of dollars (Reference 8, 17), in interest (usury), annually, and distributes the profits to its shareholders. The Congress gave the FED the right to print money, (through the treasury), at no usury to the FED. The FED creates money from nothing, and loans it back to us, through banks, and charges usury on our currency. The FED also buys government debt, with money printed on a printing press, and charges, U.S. taxpayers, usury. Many Congressmen and Presidents say, this is fraud (Reference 1,2,3,5,17). (Note: References are listed on page 14 of this report.)

Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central Banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:

Bonus Article Included:
Keep Your Eye on the Target by Congressman Ron Paul

Booklet 50 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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