The Goddess Vintage Erotica Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter
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The Farmer's Daughter

Raymond Kendall

Lana craved more than her mountain home could offer. All she could look forward to was a lifetime of drudgery, with a cabin full of squalling brats.

The following novella is a work of fantasy and fiction. Scenes described are for the imagination and fantasy of the reader. In real life some scenes might be illegal if performed. This book is intended for the adult book connoisseur, who can fly into a fantasy world of sexual wonders and delights without hesitation, without immaturity, without prudishness, and without inhibitions of the mind. Such books and topics can be healthy, allowing one to escape for a few hours, the demands and stresses of the modern world on our health, minds, and bodies. You must be 18 or older in the USA to purchase this book.



Chapter One

Lana Baker was a hot blooded little ****-tease. She would sneak out of the cabin night after night to drive the mountain boys crazy. It was her favorite pastime, turning guys on.

She saw nothing wrong with letting guys rub, suck and play with her still-developing ****, or in taking their **** out of their jeans, to stroke and play with them until they stood hard and throbbing.

As a special treat for guys who treated her especially nice, she'd sink her greedy lips over their stiff **** and suck and lick their pulsating **** until she siphoned the hot cream from their inflated b****.

Warm, wet, **** soaked the plump lips of her virgin ****. Just thinking about having a pulsating **** filling her mouth started it flowing.

She loved sucking juicy **** almost as much as she adored having a hot, rough tongue flicking against her **** and lapping at her juicy ****. That drove her completely out of her mind. There was nothing like a good ****-lapping to really get a girl going.

Lana was game for almost any kind of sexual fun and games. The only place she drew the line was when the guys she aroused tried to stick their stiff **** between her **** to take her cherry. They got shoved away fast.

No **** had even come close to entering the tight virgin ****, and none would until she met the man capable of getting her off the mountain and to the city.

Lana craved more than her mountain home could offer. All she could look forward to was a lifetime of drudgery, with a cabin full of squalling brats.

Her mother had been smart enough to escape all this. She had taken off with that good-looking stud that ran one of the big dozers when the TVA project was in full gear.

She really envied her ma. She had checked her ma's lover out, the few times he came around the cabin when her pa wasn't home. Her young **** had quivered just looking at his lean muscular body. The bulge in his tight fitting jeans told a story in itself.

"Mama, why couldn't you have taken me with you?" she asked herself.

She attacked the shirt she was pushing across the ribbed washboard with a vengeance. Her frustrations were taken out on its coarse material.

"Damn!" she exclaimed as a wave of warm soapy water hit the front of her thin shift. It caused the material to hug her slender body, before the slippery liquid ran down her smooth thighs and legs.

A trickle of its warmth traveled a path along her ****, caressing the sensitive flesh. It added to the slippery wetness already there.

Her youthful **** and **** stood out in relief as the shirt plastered itself to her trim body, becoming transparent. Stripping the shirt over her head, she threw it in the big tub, since it was soaked already.

Lana was hurrying to finish the tub of wash so she could lie naked in the sun. It was a daily ritual with her. It felt so good to feel the tanning rays beating down on her skin.

Jake, her pa, worked in the fields all day and never made it home until dusk. His late hours left her plenty of time each day to add to the bronze tone of her smooth unblemished skin.

"Finally!" she sighed, adding the last of the work shirts to the pile already beside the washtub.

Gathering the shirts in her arms, she enjoyed the roughness of the material against her tender ****s. The friction caused them to grow hard.

Lana hummed a cheery little tune as she stretched on her tiptoes to fasten the shirts to the clothesline. If anyone had been watching, they would have had an exciting and provocative view. In stretching to reach the high line, the muscles tightened in her round little **** and her **** were plainly visible through her sparse bush. It made her sexy little body just that much more desirable.

Finished with the laundry, Lana drifted lazily over to her sunbathing spot. She had spread a blanket earlier and it lay waiting.

Now that everything was done, the next couple hours were hers to soak up the warmth of the sun's caressing rays and to daydream about a life far away. A life more like she would like it to be. Expensive clothes, fancy cars, exclusive clubs, diamonds and furs -- that's what her young mind craved.

"One day!" she promised herself.

She thought of her Aunt Stacy, which only made her resolve that much stronger. Her aunt had left the mountains years ago for the city. Everyone predicted she would come back slinking with her tail between her legs. She came back occasionally to visit, but it sure wasn't slinking. Instead she displayed all the things Lana craved so much.

"If Aunt Stacy could do it, so can I!" she told herself as she reached for the bottle of lotion.

According to her aunt it had been hell at first. She worked at menial jobs during the day and went to school at night. Then she worked her way up from office secretarial pool to executive secretary for a vice president of the firm she worked for.

Lana started spreading lotion over her nude body. Her mind raced with thoughts of a life like her aunt's. She spent extra time applying the lotion to her small ****, not leaving her ****' sensitive surfaces until the **** were standing hard. Her smooth inner thighs received special attention too. Then her hand drifted over to lightly caress her hair-covered ****.

Her **** needed no lotion. The silky thatch provided its own protection. The slippery nature of the cream let her finger slide smoothly over the inner flesh between the lips. Then her own natural juices took over.

Falling back on the blanket, Lana threw her shapely legs wide. She left an unhindered path between her thighs for her working fingers to do their job. Her breathing already showed signs of growing arousal. It was brought on by her manipulative fingertips. "Oh, yes, yes!" she moaned.

Her mind made it her lover's fingers caressing the soft sensitive flesh hidden between her ****. Her **** grew swollen as it reacted to the arousal caused by her nimble expertise.

The young girl was unaware her privacy had been invaded until she felt her hand pushed away from her dripping wet ****. Kneeling between her legs was Hank, the young boy who lived down the mountain from them.

"Let me do that for you," he said, a bashful grin on his face.

"Where did you come from?" Lana gasped. She was deeply embarrassed at having been caught in the act.

196 pages decorated with risque vintage photographs and artwork
5.25x8.00 paperback

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