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Farm That Won't Wear Out, The

Farm That Won't Wear Out, The
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Author Name Cyril Hopkins


The Farm
That Won't Wear Out

Cyril G. Hopkins

TGS Survival Books Reprint: This small booklet contains advice for farming, that will benefit the home gardener, too. It's easy to say fertilize or rotate the crops, but few urbanites really know what this means or how to do it.


IT IS an old saying that "any fool can farm," and this was almost the truth when farming consisted chiefly in reducing the fertility of new, rich land secured at practically no cost from a generous Government. But to restore depleted soils to high productive power in economic systems is no fool's job, for it requires mental as well as muscular energy; and no apologies should be expected from those who necessarily make use of technical terms in the discussion of this technical subject, notwithstanding the common foolish advice that farmers should be given a sort of "parrot" instruction in almost baby language instead of established facts and principles in definite and permanent scientific terms.

The farmer should be as familiar with the names of the ten essential elements of plant food as he is with the names of his ten nearest neighbors. Safe and permanent systems of soil improvement and preservation may come with intelligence--never with ignorance--on the part of the landowners.

When the knowledge becomes general that food for plants is just as necessary as food for animals, then American agriculture will mean more than merely working the land for all that's in it.


Chapter I
      What Goes To Make Up Permanent Fertility

Chapter II
      The Nitrogen Problem And Its Economical Solution

Chapter III
      Phosphorus: The Master Key To Permanent Agriculture

Chapter IV
      Permanent Soil Fertility Its Relation to Profits and Future Values

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 80+ pages

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