Ancient Mysteries Unexplained Dragon Legacy : Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline

Dragon Legacy : Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline

Dragon Legacy : Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline
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The Dragon Legacy
The Secret History of an
Ancient Bloodline
by: Nicholas de Vere

The Dragon Legacy
Author: Nicholas de Vere

de Vere paints a picture of the beginnings of the Grail Bloodline in an antidiluvian civilization, with a super-human, red-haired race of Grail kings tha tconquered and ruled over the primitive hordes of the ancient world, with tribes on each continent. It provided the royal houses, which guided the destiny of all civilized man. They were overseers, 'navigators'. directing the affairs of the world with the Solomonic wisdom inherent in their blood. They watched over a perfect caste-ordered society, in which al people worked and lived within their proper station, creating a harmonious, inter-dependent and respectul relationship between the classes.

They created all of the traditions, customs, and institutions upon which civilization depends, and of which our current traditions, customs and institutions are pathetic bastardizations. Indde the Dragon Tradition has proven to be the very definition of tradition itself.

Tracy Twyman - Editor Dagobert's Revenge Magazine


Although it may appear elitist, when the old families observe that the Dragons are being misrepresented to the extent that everybody wants to become one, the time-honoured consensus of feeling among them is compounded. They see that it inevitably leads to a gap in the market being filled, resulting in yet another impudent impertinence being perpetrated. A good example of this is the detritus of Gerald Gardner which he presented in the 1950's as the 'definitive' and 'original' expression of the "Old Religion". Inauthentic Witchcraft emerged in the 1950's, principally at the instigation of this retired clerk in the Indian Raj named Gerald Gardner. It is from this particular source that the ridiculous notion of Witchcraft being primarily a fertility cult gained its credence......

Gentry is a word which specifically means 'of the blood' and is derived fromteh Latin 'gens'. In this case, as in all cases, gentry - strictly used to mean 'of the Fairy blood' or of the Dragon family. ...

Dracula, the prince of Wallachia, was little different in actuality from the Dracula character of Stoker's novel. This Sacred Prince was a Hermetic scholar and initiate, a student of magic, Magus, Witch Lord, and Dragon Prince. He counterbalanced the bloodlust of his forebears with a refined knowledge and advanced practice of Grail procedure....

When fully mature Grail Maidens become Dragon Princesses and were encouraged to pick the cream of the princes and warlords for their pleasure. When contracted into lease marriages with their own kin they became Dragon Queens and the matriarchs of their people, the mother of the next generation of Elven Queens and Kings. ....

...the Swastika reprensents the suffering of four million people sacrificed to the stupidity of a nation duped into thinking that a dysfunctional house painter and a disaffected chicken farmer, leading a doomed race of potato peasants, could really be the vestige of the Aryan Peoples, the so-called Master Race.....

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Softbound, 429 pages

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