Ancient Mysteries Unexplained Exploring Inner and Outer Space

Exploring Inner and Outer Space

Exploring Inner and Outer Space
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Exploring Inner and Outer Space

by Dr. Brian O'Leary

"O'Leary suggests there is a reality beyond what the five senses offer and brings the full force of his extensive scientific background to prove it. He challenges us to use our gift of thinking to make the quantum leap into worlds only dreamed about until now." -Dennis Weaver, actor, Founding President, Institute of Ecolonomics

"I loved this brilliantly conceived, wise and wonderful work. It contains so much wisdom, and so much that is useful in untangling the knots of fear which are our curse and our slavery. It relates the acquisition of clean energy to the rising of the heart into higher spaces, and so captures truth." -Whitley Strieber, author, Communion and Breakthrough

"Brian O'Leary's book Exploring Inner and Outer Space is an autobiography of an astronaut who eventually found the knowledge and wisdom of "inner space" even more rewarding and exciting than the explorations and phenomena of outer space. It is also an appeal for a more open and extended inquiry into some of the remaining mysteries of outer space, including indications of past and present non-human intelligences, and also into the eternal mystery of the mind within. It is timely and inspiring." -the late Dr. Willis Harman, past-President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Global Mind Change

From the ashram of India's Satya Sai Baba to the Princeton University laboratories of Dr. Robert Jahn, Dr. O'Leary provides firsthand accounts of materializations, controlled experiments in psychokinesis, the mysterious crop circles, and other enigmatic occurrences. A co-founder of the International Association for New Science, he argues for an expanded scientific framework that can encompass this challenging spectrum of phenomena and lead us to new understandings that may solve our most urgent problems.

1. The quest for Reality
2. The world of Illusion and a Ray of Hope
3. The New Physics
4. The inner-Outer Space Connection
5. Mars and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
6. UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and Other Dimensions
7. The Living Earth and Its Monuments
8. Consciousness Communication and the New Biology
9. The Accessible Paranormal and the New Psychology
10. Healing Ourselves and Our Planet
11. Unity in the New Millenium

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The Experiences of Astronauts
The evidence is abundant that the exploration of outer space, barely one human generation old, is a major catalyst for planetary transformation. Exploring outer space becomes a metaphor for exploring inner space and achieving the seeming unachievable: planetary consciousness and harmony. That is one reason going to Mars has such dramatic potential.

Author Frank White calls this the "overview effect." Interviewing or reviewing the writings of twenty-four astronauts and cosmonauts that have taken the trip into space, White concludes that the human presence in space not only transforms the individual, it transforms the world. White cites the value of "central projects: such as the Egyptian pyramids, the great cathedrals, and the Apollo project. These projects, according to Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold, "attract the best and most adventurous minds of the age--- (They) educated the consciousness of the larger population--- (and are a) means of focusing the energies of a population during an evolutionary transition to a higher level of culture---"

About Dr. Brian O'Leary
Over the past twenty years, Dr. O'Leary has researched, lectured and written extensively about new paradigms of science and global transformation. His most recent book Re-Inheriting the Earth describes how we can lift out of ourselves out of our current path of global destruction. Much of his work is based on extensive international travels to some of the best and brightest researchers of new science, new medicine and "free" energy.

Ph.D. in astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, Master's thesis on the Martian atmosphere, doctoral thesis on the optical properties of Mars. Faculty member at UC Berkeley, Cornell University, California Institute of Technology, and Princeton University. Served as the only planetary scientist in the NASA astronaut corps during the Apollo program. Deputy team leader, NASA Mariner 10 Venus-Mercury television science team. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles in the field of planetary science and astronautics. Currently a writer and lecturer on the future opportunities in space exploration and the transformation of science. Dr. O'Leary's books include Mars 1999, Exploring Inner and Outer Space, and The Second Coming of Science.

Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5, 188 pages


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