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Elysian Visits the Inner Earth

Elysian Visits the Inner Earth
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Elysian Visits the Inner Earth

by Dorothy Leon

Elysian Visits the Inner Earth is a science fiction novel from the mysterious and wonderous experiences of author Dorothy Leon.

This book is dedicated to the carriers of culture throughout the world who have enhanced creativity, music, art and spirituality. My hat is off to anyone who can uplift the planet and spread peace and joy.


"She had an old sixteenth-century book entitled 'Historia de Cielo' by Aguier that told of the people living in the Inner Earth. She had another book, entitled 'The Underground World' that was written in the mid 1600's. She said it told all about the subterranean caverns and passages. Most people discounted it, but she said it was compiled by a very intelligent man. I still remember his name, because it was so unusual; De Gofferel." Eddie made a face as he pronounced it.

"The book said the people living there were both good and bad. Some were remnants of Atlantis and some were even from other planets. Some were called demons, while others were called the 'gods from below'. She said Krishna, the blue God of India, was from there, and that after the end of his time here on the surface of the Earth, he went back to dwell with the rest of the blue people inside the Earth.

"She pointed out that even the Bible spoke of the 'secret chambers under the Earth', as well as the 'nether', the 'lower parts', or 'heart of the earth'. So it was evidently a fairly well-known subject at that time. She said it was also spoken of in Egypt, mentioned by Plato, the great historian, Pliny, and in the Hindu books, such as the Vedas, Puranas, and the Ramayana.

"She had other more-recent books. One was by Cotton Mather, one by Sir Edmund Halley, and one that was written quite recently by the mathematician, Leonard Euler, right here in Switzerland. He mathematically calculated the possibilities of there being liveable subterranean caverns.

"She had another book that was written after that about an advanced teacher, named Comte De Gabalis, who claimed his mother was human while his father was some kind of a being from within the Earth. She spoke of several others who were half human, such as Odin, the divine leader of Scandinavia; Adonis, a Babylonian god; Merlin, of King Arthur's Court; Hercules; Gilgamesh; Plato; and Alexander, the Great. Some of these beings, knowing they were half breeds, tried to find their way back into the underground world. Gilgamesh and Hercules are said to have succeeded.

"In addition to all this, she told me about the beliefs and superstitions in Ireland and Scotland. They claimed that beautiful fairy beings enticed people into their caverns so they could have children that were half human. She said it was because the fairy's eyes could not adjust to the sun, so they wanted children who could live on the surface. Due to the superstitions, many people carried a piece of iron around with them, especially an iron cross, because there was something about the metal, even a small pin or a needle, that the fairies could not get close to. She had read an ancient book called 'The Colloquy of the Ancients' that told about Saint Patrick's dealings with these beings."

"Do you still have some of these books?" Elysian interrupted. "If so, I would like to read them."


Born under unusual circumstances in a log cabin in the Missouri Ozarks, Dorothy has been a mystic since birth. The morning after her delivery, a wandering psychic told her mother that she had "a work to do". Conversing with angels, she was later contacted by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

After graduating from high school and college, she studied with Walter Russel's "University of Philosophy and Science," a Kahuna Priest in Hawaii, and the "Cosmic Star Temple," where she became an ordained minister. She also belonged to an Essene group, Astara, Order of the Circle Cross, Mentalphysics, Keepers of the Flame, The Baconian Society, and Mother Mary's Circle.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 200+ pages

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