Ancient Mysteries Egypt Egyptian Heaven and Hell (3 Vol Set)

Egyptian Heaven and Hell (3 Vol Set)

Egyptian Heaven and Hell (3 Vol Set)
Catalog # SKU3044
Publisher TGS Publishing
Weight 1.00 lbs
Author Name E. A. Wallis Budge
ISBN 10: 1610330064
ISBN 13: 9781610330060


The Egyptian
Heaven and Hell

The Book Am-Tuat,
the Book of Gates,
and Books of the Other World

(3 Volume Set)

E. A. Wallis Budge

This historical reprint is a three volume set. All Three Books. The writings and drawings of the hidden palace which appertain to the souls and gods, and the shadows, and the spirits, which compose the beginning of the Horn of Ament, and the knowledge of the souls of Tuat, and the knowledge of the Secret Souls, and the knowledge of the doors and the ways through and on which the Great God journeyeth.


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TGS Publishing Note:
This is a facsimile book of an original printing. TGS invested in software and equipment in late 2008 that really increased the quality and speed to create facsimile books. This investment helps overcome many problems of reproducing many older books, such as yellowed pages, stains, see-thru or onion skin type paper, colored paper, brown inks, etc. These are scanned pages, not 'copied' pages, and the quality of print truly represents the quality of the print of the original book, though we may have been able to enhance or darken the print. We are proud to be able to preserve this work through new technology.

850 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover in 3 volumes
ISBN-10: 1610330064
ISBN-13: 9781610330060

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