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Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy

Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy
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Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy

by William Walker Atkinson

This book is a marriage of the Ancient Occult Teachings to the latest and most advanced conception of Modern Science. Partial Contents: Things as They Are; The Universality of Life and Mind; Life and Mind Among the Atoms; The Paradox of Science; Forces of Nature; Law of Attraction; Theory of Dynamic Thought; Law of Vibrant Energy; Riddle of the Sphinx; Mystery of Mind; Finer Forces of the Mind; Thought in Action.

Pages 155-156

It will be well to remember that the fact that some of the above forms of Radiant Force or Energy, such as Heat, Light, Magnetism and Electricity, may arise from Motion transmitted from other Substance, does not alter the matter. For if they arise from "waves" from some other Substance, it merely follows that the Original Motion that gave rise to the "waves" a rose from the operation of the Law of Attraction. Or, if they arise from "interrupted Motion," it merely follows that the Motion that is interrupted may be traced back to Original Motion that arose from the operation of the Law of Attraction. So that all Mechanical Power, and all the forms of Energy or Force producing the same (omitting for the moment the forms of Energy or Force of "Living Organisms," which will be described later on) arise from the operation of the Law of Attraction.

Now, for the next step. We have seen that the operation of the Law of Attraction results from Vital-Mental Action on the part of the Life and Mind Principle inherent in the nature of the Particles of Substance. Consequently,
all forms of Energy and Force arising from the operation of The Law of Attraction-the latter being the result of Vital-Mental Action-then it follows that:

All forms of Energy and Force having its origin in the Law of Attraction are manifestations of Vital-Mental Action.

But this is not all-for we have not considered the Energy and Force abiding in, and manifested by, what are called "Living Organisms," such as human, animal and plant life, which are manifested by the physical organisms or
"bodies" of man, animal and plant. In order to avoid a long digression into the realms of biology, we will omit all but a passing reference to the theories that seek to identity the action of the cells of organic life with those of the particles of inorganic life-for remember, that Organic Substance has its Molecules, Atoms and Corpuscles, as well as its higher combinations known as "Cells' '-and we will seek the ultimate source of all forms of Force and Energy, exhibited by "Organic Life," in that which lies back of "Physical Action." We need no argument here-for all will readily recognize that behind the physical action of man, animal and plant; lies Life and Mind, and that therefore all Force and Energy arising from such action must be manifestations of Vital-Mental Action.


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