TGS Authors Dorothy Leon Beyond the Follies of Fundamentalism

Beyond the Follies of Fundamentalism

Beyond the Follies of Fundamentalism
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Beyond the Follies of Fundamentalism
By Dorothy Leon


In light of the "9-11" disaster, which was not caused by Islamic teachings but by those who interpreted them in a fundamental manner, I would like to address this distinction. According to the dictionary:

FUNDAMENTAL is a term derived from "fundament," meaning to lay the foundation; groundwork; basis; primary.

FUNDAMENTALISM is an orthodox branch of Christianity based on the physical, literal interpretations of the Bible; ultra conservative; opposed to modernism. Islam and other religions also have a branch of fundamentalism.

ORTHODOX is derived from ortho, meaning right and dox, meaning thinking. It represents conforming to the usual beliefs and established doctrines; conventional.


Mysticism is an inner/spiritual branch of Christianity that surpasses the literal interpretations. If fundamentalism can be compared to laying a foundation, mysticism is comparable to building the temple. There are several branches of Christian mysticism, such as Gnosticism, Freemasonry (the true temple builders) and Metaphysics (meta meaning beyond, physics meaning the physical). Mystical branches of Islam are Sufi and Drusedom. Hinduism's mystic branches are Jains, Sikhs and Parsis. Jewish branches include Kabalists and Tanaim. Nearly every religion has both fundamental and mystical branches. -- Dorothy Leon


Dorothy Leon reveals the true intent and nature of the higher plane of spirituality that has been preserved through the ages within the major religions. By setting aside the dogmas of orthodox fundamentalism, which also pervades the major religions, one can find that spiritual plane which humans are intended to achieve. It is this true spirituality that many call the New Age. This New Age spirituality is, however, as old as the human race and contained in the mystical teachings of nearly all 'religions.'

This book is an extraordinary resource tool for moving oneself out of fundamental 'thinking' towards life-giving spirituality. - PUBLISHER

Paperback 5x8, 155+ pages

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