Lost History Ancient History Discovery of America or Was It Ever Really Lost?

Discovery of America or Was It Ever Really Lost?

Discovery of America or Was It Ever Really Lost?
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Author Name Edwin Swift Balch, Alexander M'Allen, John Williams, Elial F. Hall, Thomas Crawford Johnston, S. Wells Williams, Mr. Otto, George R. Fairbanks, Elizabeth Hodges, B. F. De Costa, Giovanni da Verrazzano, George Burder, Timothy L. Murphy, Edward P. Vining, R
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The Discovery of America
Was It Ever Really Lost?


Edwin Swift Balch, Alexander M'Allen, John Williams,
Elial F. Hall, Thomas Crawford Johnston, S. Wells Williams,
Mr. Otto, George R. Fairbanks, Elizabeth Hodges,
B. F. De Costa, Giovanni da Verrazzano, George Burder,
Timothy L. Murphy, Edward P. Vining, R. B. Anderson,
Hauk Erlendsson, Christopher Colom, Sebastian Cabot,
Rueben T. Durrett, Arthur Middleton Reeves, Richard Henry Major,
John Dunmore Lang, Thormod Torfason, Benjamin F. Bowen,
W. L. Wagener, Antiquitates Americanae, Laurence Savage

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Nothing like this has ever been assembled for the truthseeker before. All known theories that have been written about are brought forward that touch on the Discovery of the Americas. It's rather narrow minded to recognize that Columbus was beaten to the Americas by half a century by Leif Eriksonn, and not know that Afghans, Chinese, Phoenicians, Polynesians, Hebrews, Moslems, Buddhists, Greeks, Romans, Lemurians, and others also landed on American soil prior to 1492, and that Aristotle wrote details about the great Americas, or the Hawaiian island Maui was named after an Egyptian explorer who explored Chile around 290AD. Included in this set is a rare 800 page manusctript of the Buddhist Afghans' journey to the Americas, and a concise History of Vinland by progeny of those valient explorers and colonists.



Volume 1

* Evolution and Mystery in the Discovery of America
* Chinese Discovery of America
* Truth of the Discovery of America
* by Prince MADOG ab Owen Gwynedd
* Farther Observations on the
* Discovery of America
* Americus Vespucius
* Did the Phoenicians Discover America
* The Notices of Fu-Sang
* Martin Beheme and Germany's Discoverer of America
* Americus Vespucius and The Naming of America
* John Cabot Discoverer of America
* Verrazano Discoverer of America
* Verrazano's North American Voyage
* Welsh Discover America and The Welch Indians
* Discovery of America by the Irish

Volume 2

* Afghan Buddhists Discover America
* Evidence That Hwui Shan and a Party of Buddhist Monks Discovered America

Volume 3

* Afghanistan Buddhists Discover America Part 2
* The Norsemen Discover America
* Leif Erickson Discovers Vinland
* Columbus Discovers America
* John Cabot Discovers America

Volume 4

* Earliest Visits to North America
* Icelandic Discovery of America

Volume 5

* Venetians Discover America
* Polynesians Discover America

Volume 6

* The Knights Templars Discover America
* Did Ancient Israel Discover America?
* Did Early Muslims Discover America?
* Did Ancient Egypt Discover America?
* Did the Greeks Discover America?
* Did the Romans Discover America?
* Did the Russians Discover America?
* Marco Polo and the Chinese Discover America
* Did the Hindus Discover America?
* Did the Sumerians Discover America?
* Did the Minoans Discover America?
* Did the Norse Discover America?
* Did the Lemurians Discover America?
* America Discovered by the Welsh
* First Discovery of America by the Ancients
* Discovery of America by Scandinavians
* History of Vinland



With all the amazing pyramids discovered in the Americas, we have to assume that ancient Egypt, at least at one point in time, influenced and taught the Americans pyramid building. It is possible that the story could be reversed and the Americans taught Egypt about pyramid building. Most likely the two peoples had the same origin.

We have to realize that the people and races that built these pyramids on two continents are not the same race of people that live in Egypt or South America today, though today's inhabitants have preserved much ancient history in their rituals, beliefs, and mythologies.

I met an archeologist from Dallas, Texas that stated in a classroom, that he found it unfathomable that today's Egyptians built the pyramids and other great Egyptian buildings. He said today's Egyptians are not nation builders, not civilization builders, and have no special talents for building much of anything. Much of what we see in Cairo now was built by other Western and European people. In his words, how can one credit a people that can't understand and build a sewer line to flow downhill, to have been builders of the pyramids?

Islam in its history parallels that of the Catholic church, and though in a different form brought upon the Middle East its own form of Dark Ages. For centuries the only major building projects of Islam were their beautiful mosques, like the Catholic church the only major building projects were cathedrals. Under Catholic rule, with exceptions of course, Europe made no forward progress in advancing learning or knowledge, and the European civilization as a whole went into decline. Britain's greatest time in history occurred only after throwing off the shackles of the Roman Church. Under Islam, with exceptions, the greatest and most advanced peoples on Earth went into virtual hibernation, building little to nothing and their civilizations went into decline. The same is true of the Indus Valley peoples under their religions. Their civilizations went into decline for centuries.

America was not unknown to the ancient Middle Eastern peoples. It was not unknown to the ancient Indus Valley peoples. It was not unknown to all the Europeans, but these Dark Ages caused by religion allowed or preferred the masses not know about the other continents.

The same was true for the Americans. The Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and all other peoples all had their own religion imposed dark ages, to the point that there was no forward growth of civilization but a severe decline in their knowledge and civilizations.

Under religious Dark Ages the spirit of adventure, exploring, discovering, and building is quashed and lost. All great governments and empires were ended due to religious interference.

How can people that built pyramids, gigantic structures, grandiose palaces, cathedrals, mosques and civilizations turn into migrating nomads, constantly warring merely to steal the food and wealth of other people?

At one time in ancient history the tectonic plates theory puts the Americas much closer to the African continent than it is today. Over the eons the ocean streams that carried sailors have changed several times. In those times it would have been much easier for the two continents to trade and intermingle with each other.

One study promulgated is about King (Pharaoh) Menes. With quite impressive research it was proven to me that King Menes and King Minos (Crete) are one and the same person, who died from a wasp sting while vacationing in Ireland. If these ancient people had the skill to sail off to Ireland, why would their vessels not be worthy enough to land on American shores?

The collegiate historian does not recognize these studies of history, outside the hallowed halls of academia. One would think the tactics they use are intended to create another dark ages, ending curiosity, discovery, and knowledge. Every institution wants to control knowledge made available to the masses, the flow of information, and stifle explorations that prove their textbooks wrong.


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3000+ pages - 7 x 8½ in 6 volumes, softcover

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