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Dawn of the Awakened Mind

Dawn of the Awakened Mind
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Author Name John S. King


Dawn of the
Awakened Mind

John S. King

Is there life on the other side? This author knows there is! His communications with people that have crossed over were written down so the whole world would know. Interesting reprint of the author's research into the spirit world.

From the Author:

IT WAS in truth the Dawn of the Awakened Mind to me, when I first received and realized the truth, made known and proved to me through psychic revelations. The Testaments, both Old and New, contain much recorded evidence of spirit return and communication; and of numerous psychical phenomena, not miraculous, but as spirits themselves demonstrate and tell us, under the operation of natural laws, not yet fully understood. But as natural law may and does repeat itself today, why argue against the possibility of psychical phenomena? Surely no grander truth could ever be established by proofs, than communication between the two worlds. Beliefs are mostly hereditary, and may be right, or may sometimes be wrong.

So I reasoned, and determined to investigate; and in this book are recorded a few of the results among many hundreds I have had in the way of experiences, and evi-dences obtained in my devious, intricate and I may add unpopular pathway of psy-chical research, consuming a period of about twenty-five years. Like an explorer in an unknown country, without mortal guide; and fully realizing various dangers, and possibilities of attack by certain claimants of the territory, I followed no beaten path of investigation to reach the truth. Having a mental compass of impression or intui-tion pointing steadily in one direction, I traveled on my solitary way, ever hoping to reach the destination which I strove to attain, examining here and there at long or short intervals and minutely, what to me was new, or evidential of communication between the two worlds.


Have we not been taught from childhood up that he who preaches and teaches from the orthodox pulpit is a minister or ambassador from God, or, as some say, called of God to teach and preach the truth, and we must not question it? Orthodoxy asks us to have faith and believe. It demands acceptance of the statements by faith and belief, and promises salvation; or doubt, and it promises damnation.

In business, men exercise what is known as common sense. Why should not man exercise common sense in other matters, such as belief? Why shut their eyes to self-evident truth? Will it be denied that mankind of today knows, or ought to know more of the Infinite Spirit or Universal Spirit God, the fount of creation and of all spirit power, and of His laws, and their operation, than was known in bygone centuries? If they do not, is it not a sad reflection, not only upon man's development and intelligence, but also upon the teachers and priests who claim to be chosen of God to enlighten His people? Humanity appears at all times to be hungry for information and knowledge; and naturally selfish as to its being advantageous to the individual self. It is because of inquiring, examining, and analyzing minds that fresh knowledge is being gained from century to century, from year to year, and from day to day; as appertains to all things mundane in character, as well as to the invisible forces, physical and spiritual; and who will deny that mankind is the gainer thereby? In things material and physical, investigation seems to antedate discovery; and discovery antedates utilization.

This order seems to meet with general approbation or commendation. Is not the spiritual part of man paramount in interest to the physical? And if so are not all men warranted in seeking further Spiritual Knowledge? Did not Job (in Chapter XIV, Verse XIV) ask, If a man die shall he live again? It is a question which has doubtless suggested itself to the mind of nearly every individual member of the human race. It would appear not inconsistent that to pursue the study of life one must not stop with the death of the physical part of man, but follow after the spirit. The beginning and the ending of physical life, whether animal or vegetable, is but a change of elements in arrangement or in composition. The body returns to dust or its elements, while the spirit returns to the kingdom of spirit, from which it originally came. Eternal natural law rules the universe.

I am in accord with the declaration that we have no right to question or deny the existence of anything, or any condition, if we cannot disprove it. Actuated by this conviction, and feeling deeply interested in some features of psychical investigation, I have during the past few years become an investigator of the critical kind known as a psychical researcher; and lately found myself in contact with some new occult force, as mysterious as it was interesting. Of psychic or occult phenomena, though I have but recent knowledge, and as that knowledge is so new, so surprising, so convincing, and yet so entirely confirmatory of the intuitions and convictions of my boyhood life, I ask the reader to withhold judgment until I have narrated in detail the precautions taken, conditions found, and environments existing together with a description and analysis of a few of the phenomena; and until he or she adopts an hypothesis which can withstand all criticism, as accounting satisfactorily for the production of the phenomena now most generally classified as psychic or occult in character.


Introduction to Psychical Research. The author's earlier attitude towards it. His estimate of its importance. The legitimacy of Psychical Research.


First experience with the occult. A Washington, D. C., sèance. The author's introducer-Dr. B. L. W. Theodor Hansmann, a nonagenarian at his passing to spirit realms. The medium Mary A. Keeler.

A second experience with the occult. The Effie Moss Series of Sèances, held at the MacRoberts' home in London, Ontario. Interviewing the medium; and critically examining the cabinet and room.

Strange psychical phenomena. First of the Moss Series of sèances. Materialized human forms appear. Seven recorded cases. First evidential matter. Author's mother proves her human personality. Dr. King's alleged guardian-spirit Egyptia rises out of carpet, a pace from him.

Varied phenomena presenting. Author's father appears. More evidence of personality, by matters physical as well as words-Credibility of testimony-Absent critics. Disturbing element breaks up sèance.

Third and concluding sèance. New psychical phenomena. Synopsis of recorded presentations. More circumstantial evidence. The author's mother, as was her will in life, takes his right arm; and thus walks to and talks with every sitter. She is recognized by an old-time friend. A spirit teacher-Egyptia, the alleged guardian-spirit, again appears. A special occult sèance.

What hypothesis best accounts for the phenomena? Opportunity and conditions: Work of research. Review of evidence. Comments of Author on results obtained.

Trans-Atlantic spiritistic communication. First experiment. Important evidential matter. Transmitter the author in Toronto, the receiver W. T. Stead in London, England. The Herald Hypatia. Second experiment-The third experiment between Toronto and Toledo a perfect success.

Hypnosis and some of its psychical phenomena. Why considered in this connection. Extracts from a talk given before the members of the Canadian Society for Psychical Research, by their President.

The author's firm attitude on psychical research-Charged with obliquity at the start. Integrity of motive. Consistency of endeavor. Hypnotic experience an incentive. Investigation justified by results. Knowledge versus beliefs.

Relationship between conditions and results. Natural Law is Universal Spirit's Fiat. Psychic forces require special conditions for occult demonstrations.

The key that unlocked the mystery. The ante-mortem agreement between Author and wife. Conditions that favored psychic results. A general understanding as to evidential matter.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. First of series, a trumpet sèance. Medium Mrs. Etta Wriedt. Author and medium first met in a Moss Sèance in 1894. May's ante-mortem promise fulfilled on the first opportunity. She talked with her husband through the trumpet.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. Second of series, a trumpet sèance. May again holds converse with her husband. He tests her with successful results. He solicits information. Spirit of MacRoberts calls on him.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. Third of series. First materializing sèance. Medium J. B. Jonson. Examining the cabinet. Wife again fulfills her promise to husband. An infant baby brother materializes as a man. Also spirit baby daughter comes back as a young woman. A Toronto man comes back Direct evidence multiplies. Predictions made, by more than one, on different days, are fulfilled at Jonson's.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. Fourth of Series. Second materializing sèance at J. B. Jonson's. The Sunflower private class, and Guide Celeste. Author present by invitation. An important sèance. Promises of Spirit Guide Hypatia, Spirit wife May, and spirit daughter May Donna, as well as Dr. Sharp all fulfilled.. The official stenographer's sworn record of nineteen manifestations. Direct evidence accumulating. Wonderful demonstrations and testimony.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. Fifth of Series. Third materializing sèance, at J. B. Jonson's. The sèance a public one. The speechless man returns and talks. May and May Donna come again. An alleged ancient guide of author. Autobiography of Jonson, and his photo.

The November, 1911 Series of Sèances. Sixth of Series. Third Etta Wriedt Trumpet Sèance. A circle of seven. Acknowledged fulfillment of Dr. Sharp's promise. He materialized for author and wife in 1910. Gray Feather, Jonson's Control, calls. Two spirits sing for sitters. Asia, an alleged ancient spirit guide, speaks. Maggie Gaul's cabinet guide Pansy entertains sitters. The telepathic and mind-reading 'hypotheses analyzed.

The November, 1911, Series of Sèances. Seventh and last of series. Fourth Etta Wriedt trumpet sèance. The author is the single sitter. Guides and loved ones there. Family and personal affairs discussed. Later corroborative evidence reported by friends.

Continuity of life proclaimed as proven. Communication between earth and spirit realms maintained. The problem solved by aid of Author's wife. Strong evidence submitted. The Author's argument presented. These claims sustained as truth.

The Human-Psychic-Telephone, with automatic action, including movement, writing, speech. Her objective and subjective minds have a general independent action. A mental curiosity. Sketch of her psychic power. Resemblance to public 'phone. The Author's conclusions.

Hypatia, the Neoplatonic Philosopher. Daughter of Theon. Alleged Spirit Guide of the Author. Has proved to be a great Teacher. This book her own suggestion. She aided in securing evidence for it. She brought relatives, friends, strangers, seers, philosophers and researchers to commune with the Author. She spent hours at a time in answering his questions. Fulfilled her promise to aid him to secure her spirit portrait. She wrote through The Human-Psychic-Telephone, and other automatic writers. Also spoke through trumpets. Has held converse with the Author, and with other people while present in her transient body.

Hypatia establishes her claim to having been the Neoplatonic Philosopher; and the Author's spirit teacher, aider and guide. She communed with him regarding mind and soul or spirit, and their relation to Deity. She likewise outlined her philosophy, and the tenets of her creed, and what she had taught the people. She dealt also with psychic phenomena in the sèance room; and concluded with a brief autobiography, and reference to her martyrdom. The answers to questions submitted and some statements added, were transmitted by speaking them into the telephone receiver, the subjective mind of the instrument, which controlled the automatic hand to reproduce them in writing. The instrument named as The Human-Psychic-Telephone.

Practical psychology of profound interest. Alleged spirits of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle gave immediate answer to each question which the author proposed. They defined composition, form and attributes of soul-and the relation of the human Ego to Deity. Otelleo, an Ancient Egyptian, at the close of the interview complimented the Author on the quality of his work.

The April, 1912, Series of Sèances, with J. B. Jonson. The first a public one. Jonson sits out in the circle. Many forms come to sitters. The Author's Spirit wife and daughter materialize and talk with him. Hypatia, advanced spirit, wise and beautiful, walks into the room and greets the sitters. Dr. Sharp, the Control of Mrs. Wriedt, the trumpet medium, calls and greets the author.

The April, 1912, Series of Sèances, with J. B. Jonson. Second sèance, seven sitters besides Jonson and his wife. All sitters have good results. The Author's Spirit wife and daughter, and also father present. Strong evidential matter.

The April, 1912, Series of Sèances, with J. B. Jonson. Third sèance, twelve sitters present. Eight spirit forms come to the Author. He hands his loved ones roses. A boy unrecognized, who could not speak, appeared to him. Hill received written message and promised answer, if possible.


The April, 1912, Series of Sèances, with J. B. Jonson. Fourth sèance the concluding one, and marked by special features. Demonstrations most convincing. The Author's daughter fulfills a promise. She walks into the circle and most sweetly sings. Sèance concludes with a grand surprise by Wm. T. Stead. Corroborative testimony.

Author's wife the key that unlocked the mystery. She fulfilled her ante-mortem promise. Also post-mortem one to write a chapter. In doing so proves her human personality. And upholds life's continuity. Proves spirits return and commune with mortals. A wonderful production through The Human-PsychicTelephone, of rhyming tendency.

Does the spirit of Wm. T. Stead commune with the Author By automatic psychic's written messages? By independent writing on slates? By speaking through trumpets? By talking through trance mediums? By dictating? Through clairaudients? And by talking with the vocal organs of his transient body, a duplicate of his earthly body expression, all of which claim to be him? Look at the picture of him, as he first came and materialized at the Jonson sèance-and was reproduced, nine days later, on canvas, by spirit artist Rembrandt, aided by Hermes, ruler of the power of levitation. Stead's claim of, and comment on, the picture. Does not all the varied evidence sustain the claim? Several spirits confirm it.

An evidential chapter of strong testimony. A long list of volunteer witnesses. Evidence for truth of life's continuity, Return and communication, in perpetuity. Are not my loved ones, who have proved to me, And my spirit guides, and others near, Including noted ones who no longer fear, Bringing to mankind good cheer? Are not work and book endorsed by them, As coming from the spirit sphere? The evidence bids strong for coming change, From base desire, and sordid greeds, From selfish wants, and warring creeds, To waking minds to truth, and human needs. From war, distrust, unrighteousness, To peace with knowledge, and pure happiness, To trust in God's own fatherhood, To faith in man's true brotherhood; When all humanity will know and realize, Immortal life awaits them in the skies.

Trumpet Sèances at Mrs. Etta Wriedt's. Four in December, 1912, series. Spirit voices, Light and Power. A few of the many features. Very strong and confirmatory evidence. What spirit power can bring about. Fulfillment of a spirit's prophecy.

Two sèances for materialization at Jonson's on 23rd and 26th December, 1912, of evidential character. An extraordinary materializing sèance December 24th, with a private lady psychic in conscious state. No artificial light used. Spirit callers illuminate the room during their presence. They approach and depart regardless of walls, floor and ceiling, some quickly, some slowly. About a score conversed with the Author. Demonstrations were both strong and new. A clairaudient doctor writes. Evidential matter as he hears the spoken words.

Psychical Research Records ending with the year 1912. Interesting sèances with the Human-Psychic-Telephone. Alleged communings with Professor James, Frederick Myers, Hon. George Brown, Wm. T, Stead, Queen Victoria, King Solomon, and others. Clegg Wright, once famous medium, explained the difference between unconscious trance state, and conscious knowledge of the spirit, when it withdraws from the body.

Conclusion of evidence. Author's argument. Knowledge gained from spirit. Spirit definition of the only God. New Era is approaching. Minds of men are awakening. Mind functioning in hypnotic state. Astral flights. Hypatia suggested this book; also its title, contributed much to it, and wrote its concluding sentences,

Details of the Author's unparalleled experiences. Accomplished by the co-operation of Hypatia. The evidence of independent writing on the slates, reproduced in the book by photoengraving process. The writers claim the writing as their own, as well as the signatures.

Softcover, 8" x 10¾", 285+ pages

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