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Courage to Be Who I Am

Courage to Be Who I Am
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The Courage to Be Who I Am

by Mary Margareht-Rose

The heartwarming autobiography of a celebrated Sedona healer and teacher; a life story about a shy little Jewish girl from California who surprised herself by discovering her great healing gifts.

Meet the Arcturians and the Greys; meet The Golden Man and many other beings both on the planet and in other dimensions, who help Mary-Margareht in the healing room.

This book is rich with spiritual messages delivered with humor and humanness, by a woman who is everyone's mother.

"It's not important if you remember me or my name
or anything about the experience I've shared with you,
as long as what I've done has contributed
to your growth and awakening."

"This decision to remain true to myself has cost me almost all of my former friends and a large part of my family. To all these dear people I send my love and light, complete understanding and forgiveness. Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest challenges we humans are forced to deal with, and one of the reasons for writing this book is to help remove that fear. My commitment as a healer is to open the higher channels of consciousness by releasing negative emotions such as fear and anger. Then the love can come through. And the light. Enlightenment"

192 pages, Softcover

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