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Controllers, The

Controllers, The
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The Controllers
The Hidden Rulers of Earth Identified

by Commander X

* Secret Origins of Humankind
* The Serpent Race
* Mind Control
* The UFO Power Elite

We are the property of an alien intelligence!

Our planet is a cosmic laboratory and we are but guinea pigs to those who have kept us prisoners on Earth.

Humankind continues to face an all-out battle with those who have kept us as their slaves for centuries.

Down through history, they have been known by different names:
* The Soulless Ones
* The Elders
* The Dero
* The Greys
* The Illuminati
* The Counterfeit Race.

Yet, very few know the real identity and purpose of The Controllers, a strange, parallel race that is metaphysically programmed to do evil and, according to authorities, has complete control of our education process, major philanthropic foundations, the banking system, the media, as well as dominant influence over all worldly governments.

Since the dawn of recorded history, these negative forces have kept us in human bondage by:

* Controlling our minds
* Planting imperfect thoughts in our heads
* Kidnapping humans
* Impregnating women
* Causing global warfare and ethnic hatred
* Creating a false economic system
* Assassinating or replacing our must trusted spiritual leaders, rulers, and elected officials with android "duplicates."

This confidential manual by Commander X (a retired military intelligence operative) exposes the true danger and reveals how we may take the Earth back, rid the planet of these sinister beings, live a more fruitful existence and learn to live in peace and harmony with all positive forces in the universe.

8.5"x11", 112 pages, softbound

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