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Constipation : A New Reading on the Subject

Constipation : A New Reading on the Subject
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A New Reading on the Subject
by J. H. TILDEN, M. D.

A New Reading on the Subject
author: J. H. TILDEN, M. D.


T0 CURE constipation requires much knowledge, skill, patience, and persistence. It cannot be said that any case of constipation is cured until the subject is cured of all habits that lead to general enervation and toxemia. In all people with the constipation diathesis--a tendency for constipation--any habit of body or mind which leads to enervation will surely bring on constipation.

Too much stress cannot be placed on the following truism: To those inclined to constipation, or the diathesis leading to constipation, any depressing influence becomes a cause; hence, to be free from man's worst enemy means, in the first place, to have a rational health knowledge to know that any enervating habit continually practiced leads to disease--and, secondly, to have enough self-control to live the knowledge to be guided by it.

Cures for chronic constipation are not for the careless, the shiftless, and the self-indulgent. Those who do not belong to this class, and those of this class who will shake off their self-indulgence, may find freedom from this disease and premature aging by a careful study of this book.

Some books are for reading; this one is for study and practice.

The everlasting use of good common sense is the price all must pay for full efficiency, good health and long life.

Diseases, so-called, are a unit and must be recognized as such, for in no other way can confusion be avoided. Diseases, so-called, are pronounced symptoms and must be studied as a part of a whole, for if individualized, chaos and failure cannot be avoided.

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