Christianity Unmasqued

Christianity Unmasqued
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Christianity Unmasqued

by Dan Israel

Agent DeVil 00-666

In every good story there are good guys and bad guys, one of them always winning over the other.

In this scenario the Church is the agent assigned to bring you to her master. Does she bring you to liberty or does she bring you to bondage? Does she brlng you to the good guy or does she bring you to the bad guy?

The Church, as instructed, will bringy ou to whom she obeys and serves. If the church serves the Savlour, as she claims, she will bring you to Salvation. If she serves any other she will bring you to destruction.

In an earlier chapter, we identified the origin of the word Church as relating to the pagan goddess Circe, whose task It was to enchant men and defile them. In this chapter we wlll examine more In depth how that is literally accomplished and determine the allegiances of the modern Church.

The proper structure and work of the church, as identified in Scripture is to relieve the burdens of its people, care for the sheep and feed them with proper guidance and truth. The clergy's job is to care for their charge as exemplified by the Good Shepherd Himself.

As a society, are we being blessed... or are we instead falling away and losing our grip on what would make us prosperous and keep us free?

If we are falling and falling victim to obvious chastisement and curses, then isn't it time to turn back to a time we received blessings?

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300 pages, 5.5 x 8.5", soft bound

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