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Christian Mystery

Christian Mystery
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Christian Mystery

A Chinese Tale,
Found in the Portfolio
of a Portuguese Friar


Common sense questions about Christianity from the Chinese to the missionaries.

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And the Son of God has been a man from all eternity? O no, only seventeen hundred years.

Of whom, and now was he born? He was born of a virgin. She would certainly be much surprised knowing herself to be a virgin? O yes; you are right; but an angel came to prepare her that she might not be alarmed in being brought to bed. Yet I suppose you will be still more surprised when we tell you she was married? O no; pardon me, I understand this mystery better than all the others. Nay, do not jest, Sir, her husband had not slept with her; we have it so revealed to us. And pray how did she conceive? By the operation of the Holy Ghost. But you say that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Son; how then could he produce the Son? Yes, Sir, it is so, by the infallible decision of the holy church. And who was his mother? The wife of a carpenter. What kind of a life did he lead? He served thirty years in his father's shop, and was very serviceable to him. Indeed, gentlemen, very well! I perceive you have sublime notions of the divinity. At the age of thirty he began to preach to the people in the country, which lasted some time; at length the magistrates became displeased, because in his sermons he said a great deal about rich men, and the officers of the government. He foresaw that he would be punished, and perspired both water and blood. Indeed! that is another fine trait in his character.

Softcover, 5½ x 8½ , 16 pages
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