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Awaken the Sleeping Giant

Awaken the Sleeping Giant
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Awaken the Sleeping

by Al Kay

"Awaken Sleeping Giant" delves into the morass of politics, reveals the powers behind the scenes controlling world affairs, and explores global issues not broached by the mainstream media. The information in this book affects each and every individual in the world.

Black balled Eagle exposes the network of "entities", organizations, secret societies, super-rich families, multinational corporations, and individuals conspiring to control the world. A nefarious network of powerful players are operating behind the scenes to impose an Orwellian global order. Their secret agenda is cloaked in chaos and confusion. Chameleon-like, they shed one coat and don another to conceal the real deal. The destiny of humanity is in the hands of the Illuminati unless we collectively stem the oppressive tide. May this book resonate like a clarion horn which awakens the Sleeping Giant.


Page 114-116

An alternative newspaper, Montelibre, cites reports from CRIDA (an anti-racist group of European workers, university students, lawyers, and journalists) stating the EU violates national and international human rights laws. The EU member nations are persecuting immigrants entering the EU block. The EU demands that neighboring countries control their borders to prevent emigration. A supranational military/police force, stationed along EU borders, enforces immigration policy. Led by Germany, the military forces use electronic surveillance, infrared scanning, and radar to stop and detain anyone suspected of infiltrating the blockades. Refugees are detained in prisons and detention centers in France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Germany where they are treated like criminals. Immigrants have drowned in the Oder and Neisse River while attempting to cross European borders.

The EU, in cooperation with the FBI and the NSA (National Security Agency), launched a global surveillance system to ostensibly combat "serious crime" and to protect "national security". The system, once fully in place, will monitor each individual in every country via satellites and telecommunications systems such as telephones, faxes, e-mail, and telex. The purpose of this global surveillance network is to eavesdrop on "targets" for "subversive thoughts and dissident views"! The new system is satellite based. "ECHELON" is a worldwide surveillance system designed and coordinated by the NSA, which has been operational since the early 1980's. Author Nicky Hager exposed the system in his 1996 book, "Secret Power -- New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network". Hager interviewed over 50 people familiar with the ECHELON system. The surveillance system is not designed to eavesdrop on a particular individual, rather it works by indiscriminately intercepting very large quantities of communication and by using computers to identify and extract messages from a "dictionary" of key words, phrases, people, and places. It is the interfacing of ECHELON with the EU/USA system that presents a truly global threat to every person in the world. The Orwellian nightmare of constant surveillance by Big Brother has emerged from the realm of science fiction into the omnipresent sphere of cyberspace.
The US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are involved in operating ECHELON. These countries have coordinated communication satellites, land-based communication systems, networks, and radio communications to spy on non-military targets such as human rights organizations (Amnesty International), governments, businesses, and individuals in every country. Any message that can be tracked by satellite is intercepted. National Security Agency stations in the US are located at Sugar Grove in the mountains of West Virginia, and at the Army's Yakima Firing Range in Washington State.

The EU/ECHELON system replaces state-owned telephone companies; secures telecommunications cooperation with the police and internal security agencies; and standardizes the globalization of telecommunication equipment for interception. The system is designed for adoption by EU and non-member countries. With this system, police can keep people under surveillance on the grounds of "suspicious criminal activity". Even though the US Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizures, the global satellite surveillance system will circumvent this Constitutionally protected right without an individual's knowledge. The EU, acting as a supra-national authority, in concert with the US government, overrides US Constitutional law by implementing electronic eavesdropping on any individual "suspected of engaging in a serious offense". Their definition of a serious offense is a crime that would result in a sentence of one year or more.

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