As It Was

As It Was
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As It Was

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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

"As It Was!" Now why would he use such a silly title?

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All "the best" books have a Foreword, so it is very necessary that THIS book have one. After all., Authors are quite entitled to regard their own books as The Best. Let me start The Best with an explanation of WHY I chose my title.

"As It Was!" Now why would he use such a silly title?

He says in other books that he ALWAYS writes the truth. Sure, sure, you shall have your explanation, so just Keep Calm (should be in six-inch capitals) and READ ON.

All my books ARE true, and I have maintained that fact in face of relentless persecution and calumny. But throughout the ages sane, sensible people have been persecuted and even tortured and killed for telling it As It was!

A Very Wise Man was almost burnt at the stake for daring to assert that the Earth revolved around the Sun instead of -as the Priests taught- that the Earth was the center of Creation and all planets revolved around it. The poor fellow had a terrible time, being stretched on the Rack and all that, and saved being cooked only by recanting.

Then there have been people who inadvertently levitated at the wrong moment in front of the wrong people with the wrong results; they have been bumped off in various spectacular ways for letting it be known that they were different from the common horde. Some of "the horde" ARE common, too, especially if they are pressmen!

Humans of the worst type--you know who THEY are!--just LOVE to drag everyone down to the same level; they just cannot bear to that anyone is different from they, so, like maniacs, they cry "destroy! destroy!" And instead of trying to prove a person right--they must always try to prove him wrong. The Press in particular like to start witch-hunting and persecute a person so that sensation may be stirred up. The morons of the Press lack the wits to think that there MIGHT be "something in it after all!"

Edward Davis, "America's Toughest Cop," wrote in True Magazine dated January 1975. "The Media in general is really composed of a bunch of frustrated fiction writers. Putting it another way, Journalism is filled with Picasso types who get out their paint boxes and construct a picture that's supposed to be me, but which nobody recognizes except the guy with the tar brush and feathers."

Mr. Davis, it is very clear, does not like the Press. Nor do I. Both of us have good reason not to. A pressman said to me. "Truth? Truth never sold a paper. Sensation does. We do not bother with truth; we sell sensation."

Ever since the publication of "The Third Eye"--a TRUE book.-- strange creatures have crawled out of the woodwork" and with pens dipped in venom have written books and articles attacking me. Self-styled "experts" declared THIS to be false, while others of the genre declared THIS to be true but THAT false. No two "experts" could agree.

Itinerant "investigators" toured around interviewing people who had never met me, fabricating wholly imaginary stories. The investigators never met me either.

Pressmen, desperate for sensation, concocted "interviews" which never took place, Mrs. Rampa, in an entirely fabricated "interview" was quoted--misquoted--as saying the book was fiction. She did not say it. She has never said it.

We both say- pal my books are TRUE.

But neither press, radio, or publishers, have EVER permitted me the opportunity of giving my side of the matter. Never! Nor have I been asked to appear on T.V. or radio and tell the Truth! Like many before me I have been persecuted for being "different" from the majority.

So Humanity destroys those who could help Mankind with special knowledge, or special experiences. We, the Unusual, could, if allowed, push back the Frontiers of Knowledge and advance man's understanding of Man. The press report me as small and hairy, big and bald, tall and short, thin and fat. Also--according to "reliable" press reports, I am English, Russian, a German sent to Tibet by Hitler, Indian, etc. "RELIABLE" press reports!

ANYTHING--anything at all except the Truth-but that is contained within my books. So many lies have been told about me. So much distorted imagination has been exercised, so much suffering has been caused, so much misery--But here in this book is Truth. I am telling it

As It Was!

T. Lobsang Rampa

284 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610337565
ISBN-13: 9781610337564

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