Historical Reprints Religion Apocryphal Revelations : One God, one Fold, one Shepherd

Apocryphal Revelations : One God, one Fold, one Shepherd

Apocryphal Revelations : One God, one Fold, one Shepherd
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Apocryphal Revelations
One God, one Fold, one Shepherd

by Marie Hensley

A work proving the omnipotence of God.

It explains the origin of man and evil while reconciling the scientific fact of evolution with the faith of a Christian.

The origin of evil is clearly and concisely explained. It substantiates the truths of Christianity, Christian Science and all other religions and philosophies. It also shows how man evolves from the animal and becomes not man, child of God, until endowed with a soul.


Page 53

"The belief that mortal bodies return to dust to rise up as spiritual bodies with material sensations and desires, is incorrect." Very true, but the spiritual qualities and the soul gifts, impressed upon the mortal, live as always in the real body, the spirit.

"Equally incorrect is the belief that spirit is confined in a finite, material body, and that when it is freed from the material body it retains the sensations of that body." True, the seat of sensation is not in the material body. The spirit child alone feels all sensation in that part of the spiritual brain wherein soul is connected with the Divine Mind of his Father.

Page 71. "To be on communicable terms with spirit, persons must be free from organic body and then return to a material condition, after having left, it would be impossible. No communion can exist between persons in such opposite dreams as the belief of having died, and left the material body, and the belief of still living in an organic, material body." Imperfectly impressed. All are spirits, (those who believe in Science, those who believe in spiritualism) impressing material bodies. When on the different planes of consciousness in the different worlds, the material body and world are as real, while it lasts as the spiritual, neither is a dream.

Page 75, "There is no bridge across the gulf that divides two such opposite conditions." There is no necessity for a bridge. Spirit in the real life is always with spirit. Spirit while conscious on earth when he gets his material brain, mortal mind in harmony, (the sole bridge) enters the spiritual consciousness and thus communes with the "departed from whom good flows." The departed can also reproduce material forms, but no evil ever flows from the departed. This belief is due to the incorrect impressions of an undeveloped material brain.

Page 75, "When you can awaken yourself and others that all must die, you can then exercise Jesus' Spiritual power to reproduce the presence of those who have thought they died." This means when you get your material instruments in harmony, you can see with the spirit consciousness the beautiful, glorious spirits who have not thought they died but who know they have ever been alive in the real spirit life. When you do not get it in harmony and are only partly in the spiritual consciousness, you see very imperfectly, and they oft, apparently appear very material.

Page 76, "The sinless joy, the perfect harmony and immortality of life manifesting Divine beauty and goodness, constitute the only veritable, indestructible man whose being is spiritual." Correctly impressed, the real and true man.


Comb-bound, 8.5 x 11, 138 pages

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