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Genesis Revisited

Genesis Revisited
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Genesis Revisited
Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient Knowledge

by Zecharia Sitchin

Genesis Revisited
Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient Knowledge
by Zecharia Sitchin

Modern technology...or knowledge of the ancients?

Space travel...Genetic engineering...Computer science...Astounding achievements as new as tomorrow. But stunning recent evidence proves that these ultramodern advances were known to our forefathers millions of yesterdays early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ!

In this remarkable companion volume to his landmark Earth Chronicles series, author Zecharia Sitchin reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind's latest scientific discoveries - and uncovers breathtaking, never-before-revealed facts that challenge long-held, and our species.

"...In his careful words to AW&ST, the chairman of the Soviet equivalent of NASA referred to that last frame when he tried to explain the sudden loss of contact, saying: 'One image appears to include an odd-shaped object between the spacecraft and Mars.'

If not 'debris,' or 'dust,' or a 'jettisoned part of Phobos II,' what was the 'object' that all accounts of the incident now admit collided with the spacecraft - an object with an impact strong enough to put the spacecraft into a spin, an object whose image was captured by the last photographic frames?

'We just don't know,' said the chief of the Soviet Space program.

But the evidence of an ancient space base on Mars and the odd-shaped "shadow" in its skies add up to an awesome conclusion: What the secret frames hide is evidence that the loss of Phobos II was not an accident but an incident.

Perhaps the first incident in a Star Wars - the shooting down by Aliens from another planet of a spacecraft from Earth intruding their Martian base. ... "

343 pages, Mass Trade Paperback

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