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Apocalypse of Baruch

Apocalypse of Baruch
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The Apocalypse of Baruch

Translated from the Syriac
by R.H. Charles, M.A.
Ambrosian Library of Milan and 10 MSS

Many of the Catholic faith are familiar with the Book of Baruch in the Catholic Bibles and the Apocrypha, but few are acquainted with the apocalyptical writings of Baruch which are more far-reaching in their scope.

The name "Apocalypse" is given to it because of the prophetic revelations incorporated in this compilation by Baruch, the son of Neriah, who was directly associated with the Prophet Jeremiah as his scribe.

The Apocalypse of Baruch recounts what befell him immediately before and after the destruction of Jerusalem. The internal evidence identifying the time and place of the historical setting of this work, coupled with the remarkable prophetic portions of it, warrant a thoughtful reading of the latter as a guide to understanding in these days which we now live.

There is an essential fact to be taken into consideration in studying the prophecies of Baruch. It was not until after World Wars I and II that the visions he recorded began to be clarified, for then the events to which Baruch referred began to develop and come to fruition.

This book has long been out of print, but our evaluation of its worth, based upon the well-founded evidence of Divine inspiration, convinced us that its re-publication is mandatory at this time. It is now made available for the information of the wise and prudent.

R.H. Charles' footnotes at the bottom of each page are valuable tools for Biblical, mythological, and historical points of reference. Certain passages in the text suggest a strong hint that the earliest Christian churches had access to this book and possibly even the Christ himself.

Here are some passages from the Apocalypse of Barch:

"Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the mighty God, and receive what I commit to thee, and guard them until the last times, so that, when thou art ordered, thou mayst restore them, so that strangers may not get possession of them."

"I will call the Sirens from the Sea, and ye Lilin, come ye from the desert, and ye Shedim and dragons from the forests:..."

"But now, ye peoples and nations, ye are debtors, because all this time ye have trodden down the earth, and used the creation unrighteously."

"For the nature of man is always changeable. For we have by no means been from the beginning what we are now, and what we now are we shall not afterwards remain."

"And Behometh will be revealed from his place, and Leviathan will ascend from the sea, those two monsters which I created on the fifth day of creation..."

This is a 'must own' addition to any scholarly library and any student in study of truth.

7 x 5 Hardcover
176 pages

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