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Anti-Gravity and The World Grid

Anti-Gravity and The World Grid
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Publisher Adventures Unlimited
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Author Name David Hatcher Childress


Anti-Gravity & The World Grid

Edited by David Hatcher Childress

Discover the secrets of the world grid of power spots and vortex areas!

Is the earth surrounded by an intricate electromagnetic grid network offering free energy? This compilation of material on ley lines and world power points contains chapters on:

  • The Geography, Mathematics, And Light Harmonics Of The Earth Grid.

  • The Purpose Of Ley Lines And Ancient Megalithic Structures Located On The Grid.

  • Scientific Grid Explanations for Noted World-wide Gravitational-Magnetic Anomalies

  • The Secrets of the Philadelphia Experiment, Coral Castle, Time Travel and Many Other Mysteries

  • Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein, Bruce Cathie, and Others on the Planetary Grid Systems

  • Gravity Control and How UFOs Use the Grid

  • Secret Government Anti-Gravity Experiments and Suppressed Technology

  • Acoustic Levitation, Tesla Shields, Star Wars And Scalar Wave Weaponry

  • More Anti-Gravity Patents, UFO Propulsion Diagrams, Comics and More.

274 pages. 7x10 paperback. Illustrated.

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