Anti-Gravity Handbook

Anti-Gravity Handbook
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Author Name David Hatcher Childress & Albert Einstein


The Anti-Gravity Handbook

D. Hatcher Childress

The Anti-Gravity Handbook (Lost Science)
by D. Hatcher Childress (Compiler), Leonard G. Cramp (Contributor), Albert Einstein (Contributor)

The new expanded compilation of material on Anti-Gravity, Free Energy, Flying Saucer Porpulsion, UFOs, Suppressed Technology, NASA Cover-ups and more. Highly illustrated with patents, technical illustrations and photos.

This revised and expanded edition has more material, including photos of Area 51, Nevada, the government's secret testing facility. This classic on weird science is back in a 90s format!

Table of Contents:

Arthur C. Clarke on Anti-Gravity,
How to build a flying saucer,
The Anti-Gravity Equation,
Profile on Anti-Gravity,
Up in the air Over Anti-Gravity,
Electro-magnetic Pulse,
Moller Discoid Aircraft,
A Machine to End War,
Gravity Nullified-Crystal Resonances & Anti-Gravity,
Eleven Things You Never Knew about the Moon,
NASA the Moon and Anti-Gravity,
Dr. Zitzenpop's Generic Anti-Gravity Equation,
Anti-Gravity Fashions of the 30's,
Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology,
A Selection of Anti-Gravity Patents,
Zeppelins UFOs Anti-Gravity and the Mysteries,
Newspaper Headlines of the Past,
Present and Future or "Aliens Stole My Baby",
Levitation: Personal Defiance of Gravity,
Anti-Gravity Comix and Classified Ads,
Meanwhile: Back In The Future.

Softbound, 7x10", 200+ pages

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