Beyond Reality Mysteries Explored American Goliah and Other Fantastic Reports Of Unknown Giants

American Goliah and Other Fantastic Reports Of Unknown Giants

American Goliah and Other Fantastic Reports Of Unknown Giants
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Author Name Timothy Green Beckley


American Goliah &
Other Fantastic Reports
Of Unknown Giants &
Humongous Creatures

Timothy Green Beckley

The tale of the legendary Cardiff Giant is just about as weird, as surreal, and as convoluted as any tale can possibly get! And, without doubt, it was one of the most infamous and audacious hoaxes in American history.



What would the lore of all human cultures be like without the presence of giants? They are a fixture of folktales and myth from Europe and the Americas to the farthest reaches of Asia. They are mentioned with equal ease in holy books and in fairy tales: giants fill us with wonder and not inconsiderable envy as we marvel at their strength and feats. Those dwelling in the Middle Ages, caught in the turbulence of their troubled times, ascribed the engineering achievements of the Roman Empire to the work of giants.

Giants have been relegated to the realms of fable and sword-and-sorcery novels, but there is considerable evidence that beings of great size shared our world in primeval times: Science keeps a low profile when it comes to discussing the existence of large specimens of humanoid life as part of the evolutionary chain, but it is a recognized fact that giant apes existed in the Tertiary period. Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania has produced the jawbones and teeth of massive baboons and other simians. Anthropology and zoology recognize the existence of the Gigantopithecus, which lived some 500,000 years ago in what is today modern China. To judge by other remains of great size, these huge creatures ranged between 10 feet and 13 feet in height. One such colossus whose bones were disinterred in Swartkrans, South Africa, appears to have mastered the use of fire and crafted weapons out of animal bones. Java Man and Aurignacian Man, while hominids, surpass modern humans in height.

In 1975, Mexico's premier ufologist, Pedro Ferriz, visited the town of Calvillo, Aguascalientes (on the Pacific coast, famous for its intricate mazes of unexplored manmade caves) to inspect some ancient petroglyphs on the property of Victor Martinez, a local landowner. Martinez told the ufologist that he was ambivalent about the petroglyphs, which he considered unlucky, particularly since "that affair with the giants". When asked to elaborate on what he meant, Martinez explained that he had stumbled upon the ancient skeletons of two extraordinarily large men while tilling the soil. Martinez went into Calvillo to notify the authorities about his find, only to discover that the local police believed him to have killed both giants and wanted to incarcerate him!

The farmer finessed his way out of the predicament, returned to his farm, and set fire to the bones.

The reader may well shake his or her head and mourn the loss of what could have well been the evidence needed to build a watertight case for the existence of giants, but had the bones been delivered to a competent authority, it would not have availed much since human skeletons of larger-than-human size have been disinterred for centuries.

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