Health-Healing Psychological-Sexual Woman : Her Sex And Love Life

Woman : Her Sex And Love Life

Woman : Her Sex And Love Life
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Woman :
Her Sex And Love Life

William J. Robinson

Fifty Three Chapters on Sex Education for Women (though good for men too!). This reprint presents sex as taught towards the end of the Roaring Twenties. Some of the illnesses presented as facts during this era have been disproved, (regarding marriage and genetic illnesses,) but the book is still an encyclopedia of sex related topics. Sex with all our modernization still remains one of the largest, longest running, elusive mysteries of the human race.

From the Author:

I have shown, I believe convincingly, why sex knowledge is even more important for women than it is for men. I have examined carefully the books that have been written for girls and women, and I know that it is not bias, nor carping criticism, but strict honesty that forces me to say that I have not found one satisfactory girl's or woman's sex book. There are some excellent books for girls and women on general hygiene; but on sex hygiene, on the general manifestations of the sex instinct, on sex ethics-none.

I have attempted to write such a book. Whether I have succeeded-fully, partially or not at all-is not for me to say, though I have my suspicions. But this I know: in writing this book I have been strictly honest with myself, from first page to last. Whether everything I have written is the truth, I do not know. But at least I believe that it is-or I would not have written it. And I can solemnly say that the book is free from any cant, hypocrisy, falsehood, exaggeration or compromise, nor has any attempt been made in any chapter to conciliate the stupid, the ignorant, the pervert, or the sexless.


This old Oriental legend is so exquisitely charming, so superior to the Biblical narrative of the creation of woman, that it deserves to be reproduced in WOMAN: HER SEX AND LOVE LIFE. There are several variants of this legend, but I reproduce it as it appeared in the first issue of THE CRITIC AND GUIDE, January, 1903.

At the beginning of time, Twashtri-the Vulcan of Hindu mythology-created the world. But when he wished to create a woman, he found that he had employed all his materials in the creation of man. There did not remain one solid element. Then Twashtri, perplexed, fell into a profound meditation from which he aroused himself and proceeded as follows:

He took the roundness of the moon, the undulations of the serpent, the entwinement of clinging plants, the trembling of the grass, the slenderness of the rose-vine and the velvet of the flower, the lightness of the leaf and the glance of the fawn, the gaiety of the sun's rays and tears of the mist, the inconstancy of the wind and the timidity of the hare, the vanity of the peacock and the softness of the down on the throat of the swallow, the hardness of the diamond, the sweet flavor of honey and the cruelty of the tiger, the warmth of fire, the chill of snow, the chatter of the jay and the cooing of the turtle dove.

He combined all these and formed a woman. Then he made a present of her to man. Eight days later the man came to Twashtri, and said: "My Lord, the creature you gave me poisons my existence. She chatters without rest, she takes all my time, she laments for nothing at all, and is always ill; take her back;" and Twashtri took the woman back.


The Creation Of Woman


Chapter One The Paramount Need of Sex Knowledge for Girls and Women

Chapter Two The Female Sex Organs: Their Anatomy Subchapter A The Internal Sex Organs
Subchapter B The External Genitals
Subchapter C The Pelvis

Chapter Three The Physiology Of The Female Sex Organs Subchapter A Function Of The Ovaries
Subchapter B Function Of The Other Genital Organs
Subchapter C The Orgasm
Subchapter D The Secondary Sex Characters

Chapter Four The Sex Instinct

Chapter Five Puberty

Chapter Six Menstruation

Chapter Seven Abnormalities Of Menstruation

Chapter Eight The Hygiene Of Menstruation

Chapter Nine Fecundation Or Fertilization

Chapter Ten Pregnancy

Chapter Eleven The Disorders Of Pregnancy

Chapter Twelve When To Engage A Physician

Chapter Thirteen The Size Of The Fetus

Chapter Fourteen The Afterbirth (Placenta) And Cord

Chapter Fifteen Lactation Or Nursing

Chapter Sixteen Abortion And Miscarriage

Chapter Seventeen Prenatal Care

Chapter Eighteen The Menopause Or Change Of Life Change Of Life In Men

Chapter Nineteen The Habit Of Masturbation

Chapter Twenty Leucorrhea-The Whites

Chapter Twenty-One The Venereal Diseases

Chapter Twenty-Two The Extent Of Venereal Disease

Chapter Twenty-Three Gonorrhea

Chapter Twenty-Four Vulvovaginitis In Little Girls

Chapter Twenty-Five Syphilis Chancroids
Chapter Twenty-Six The Curability Of Venereal Disease

Chapter Twenty-Seven Venereal Prophylaxis

Chapter Twenty-Eight Alcohol, Sex And Venereal Disease

Chapter Twenty-Nine Marriage And Gonorrhea

Chapter Thirty Marriage And Syphilis

Chapter Thirty-One Who May And Who May Not Marry Tuberculosis
Heart Disease
Exophthalmic Goiter (Basedow's Disease)
Hemophilia, Or Bleeders' Disease
Drug Addiction Or Narcotism
Consanguineous Marriages
Sexual Impotence
Excessive Libido In Men
Excessive Libido In Women

Chapter Thirty-Two Birth Control Or The Limitation Of Offspring
Contraceptive Measures
A Few Everyday Cases

Chapter Thirty-Three Advice To Girls Approaching The Threshold Of Womanhood

Chapter Thirty-Four Advice To Parents Of Unfortunate Girls

Chapter Thirty-Five Sexual Relations During Menstruation

Chapter Thirty-Six Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy

Chapter Thirty-Seven Sexual Intercourse For Propagation Only

Chapter Thirty-Eight Vaginismus Adherent Clitoris Or Phimosis
Chapter Thirty-Nine Sterility

Chapter Forty The Hymen

Chapter Forty-One Is The Orgasm Necessary For Impregnation?

Chapter Forty-Two Frigidity In Women

Chapter Forty-Three Advice To Frigid Women, Particularly Wives

Chapter Forty-Four Rape

Chapter Forty-Five The Single Standard Of Sexual Morality Disastrous Effects Of Wrong Teachings

Chapter Forty-Six Difference Between Man's And Woman's Sex And Love Life Choice Between Physical And Spiritual Love
Love In Man Occupies Subordinate Place
Polygamous Tendencies In Man

Chapter Forty-Seven Maternal Impressions

Chapter Forty-Eight Advice To The Married and Those About To Be

Chapter Forty-Nine A Rational Divorce System

Outsiders In Domestic Tangles

Chapter Fifty What Is Love?

Chapter Fifty-One Jealousy And How To Combat It Causes Of Jealousy

Chapter Fifty-Two Remedies For Jealousy

Chapter Fifty-Three Concluding Words

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 300+ pages

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