Mysteries Government Webs of Power 2 volume set

Webs of Power 2 volume set

Webs of Power 2 volume set
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Webs of Power
By Erik Fortman

Webs of Power
Government Agencies, Secret Societies and Elite Legacies
by Erik Fortman

A wealth of conspiracy and government facts

The Federal Reserve us a private corporation. FEMA can form citizen work brigades and take control fo the food, water, and energy supplies. The CIA admitted to using American citizens in bizarre mind control experimentation. The INS has issued Visas to WTC bombers - after 09-11-01! The DEA, INS, Border Patrol, and Customs have been found guilty of drug trafficking.

All True And ...

The Illuminati - currently a term used to define anyone involved in forming a one world government or religion - was originally a Freemasonic lodge which helped foment European and American chaos. These groups have reincarnated in societies such as the Skull and Bones, CFR, Bilderberges, et al.

All True And ...

The Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Du Ponts, and Morgans use corporate banking interests to control over half the nations on Earth, including America. The old controls the new elite legacies; Bush, Kerry, the Dulles, Kissinger, and their ilk.

Softbound, 297 pages

Webs of Power
Volume 2

by Erik Fortman

American Communism
3rd Parties &
Texas Rebels

All True!

Are you ready to wake up? Webs of Power succeeds in drawing from government documents, whistleblower testimony, and great patriot authors. It will give you the fundamentals fro any political debate.

Erik Fortman is an author, musician, and entrepreneur from Texas. As a journalist, he has written for, David Icke, England's Propaganda Matrix, U.S. Legacies, and other publications. Erik is a featured singer/songwriter on teh Moonstone album, Tribe. Mr. Fortman is an active member of the Libertarian Party, NORML, and Gun Owners of America. He is the fifth generation Fortman to be self-employed.

Paperback, 255 pages, 5 x 8 inches

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