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Having suffered a murder attempt by poisoning whilst being ruined in a financial scam Jess Miller went through the clinical depression experience and very nearly died. As he fought his way back from the depths of the Darkness he learned countless lessons about Depression, about himself and about life.


His book is about our awareness of Stress, Tension, Loneliness and Depression. If you are not aware of the signs and the effects of a slide into Depression via the effects of Stress, then you cannot help yourself, a family member, a loved one, a friend or a colleague by recognizing and helping to reverse such a slide.

Jess outlines in easy to understand fashion:

Our varying resistance levels to Stress
How we get beaten down by the System
The two impostors, Hate and Fear
What it is really like to be in the Darkness
Why your life really is highly significant
The one real Power that you have been given.
He brings you:

Twelve simple, yet powerful therapies
that helped him to beat Depression
and can help you
take your life back into your own hands.

Jess believes you have untold strengths, qualities and attributes within you that The System will have blocked you from accessing and he shows you how to push the onslaught of everyday life aside in order to tap into your inner resources, so essential in the healing process.

Whilst fully respecting that you may need treatment from a doctor or therapist, Jess's attitude towards Stress, Tension, Loneliness and Depression is that there is a huge amount that you can do for yourself to help in the process of recovery.

To that end he calls his twelve powerful therapies 'The Neil Armstrongs' (one small step for you------..) and has proved in his own case that these will help to find the road back from whatever level of Stress or Depression might be affecting you.

'We're All In This Together' has been written for:

  • Those who do not believe that Depression exists.
  • Those who think that it might exist, but cannot understand what it is.
  • Those for whom every waking minute of their lives is spent in the Darkness.
  • Those who want to help themselves or someone they know.
Dr.Carel Bredell M.B., Ch.B., DA (SA) says of the book:

"It is rare to get help for Stress & Depression that is as clear and practical as this. It will be of the greatest benefit to both sufferers and non-sufferers."

Excerpt from CHAPTER 6.


Do you think that you don't matter?

Do you think that your life is of no consequence?

Do you think that you cannot make any difference in this world?

Do you think that your life is insignificant within the Great Scheme of things?

Well, let's see, shall we?

I want you to go around for the next twenty-four hours with a great big permanent smile on your face and see what happens. You know what the reaction will be, don't you? Everyone is going to smile right back at you. You put out a smile and you get a smile back. But how can this be when you are so totally insignificant and cannot make a difference? How can you possibly have such an effect upon other people? Because you are not insignificant, just as the life of every Sacred Spirit upon this Earth is not insignificant. That is why.

You attract and receive back what you put out. If you put out moaning, dismal, loser type vibrations in your life then those are the people that you will attract and that is what you will receive back. If you put out greed then greed is what you will attract. If you live your life in hatred then hatred is what you put out and get back and hatred is what will rub off on every single person you come into contact with and it is hatred that will permeate throughout your society. If you live your life wearing a smile then that is what you put out and that is what you get back and that is what will rub off on everyone around you and permeate in exactly the same way.

So if you were to live your life from an all consuming basis of Love for yourself (which is self respect for the way you live your life), for your fellow Sacred Spirits and for this incredible planet that we have been given to live out our existence upon, then Love is what will rub off on everyone you come into contact with and Love is what will permeate throughout your society. Difficult to believe?

You could easily prove it to yourself. Here is an example:

I once had a neighbour in Scotland who I was at loggerheads with. He was a farmer and his land bordered mine. His lawyers besieged me day and night with the most ridiculous problems and he went around the locale spreading false, malicious rumours about me. He hated me, although he didn't really know me.

Truth was he hated everyone.

One evening I was standing looking out over the trout loch by my cottage. Big Rainbow trout were slurping their evening meal from the surface. The sun was going down in the West (fortunately) and a Highland Piper began playing his bagpipes away up on the hill and the skirl of the pipes came drifting down the glen to me. It was a beautiful and special evening.

There and then I decided that all of these problems had to stop, so I marched straight up to the farmhouse and knocked on the door. His wife took fright when she saw the enemy standing on her doorstep and he certainly took his time coming from within the depths of the house. When he did his eyes told a story of evil intent and he brusquely asked me what I wanted.

"I've come to tell you that all these problems between us are not of my making and that I would like them to stop and I also came to tell you that I am not your enemy and that I love you and respect you as a fellow human being."

Immediately I had said it I turned and walked. I didn't wait for his reply. I didn't even know why I had said it, I just turned and walked and, as I did so, I felt something very strange, something I had not felt before.

Everything had changed.

The further I walked the better I felt and when I got home I felt as though all my problems had been resolved, which I knew they hadn't, but it certainly felt like they had.

Two days later the farmer came to me and mumbled something about wanting to get on better too and then he started haranguing me about all the things his lawyers had been going on about, in the middle of which I gave him the unexpected present of two trout that I had caught that morning and told him they were for him and his wife and that I hoped they enjoyed them.

At this he was completely flummoxed.

A week later he arrived at my door with a pannier of beautiful fresh vegetables and mumbled that he and his wife had been in their kitchen garden and would I like them? I said that indeed I would and how grateful I was and would he like to come in and have a cup of tea, seeing that I was about to have one? I convinced him to do so with some difficulty and, as we drank our tea, I told him that we were lucky people to be able to live in such a beautiful place.

One year he actually wished me a Merry Christmas, which was nothing short of a miracle.

So what had happened?

I did not fully understand it until many years later. I had almost unwittingly, out of my desperation to change things, gone from being reactive to proactive within the situation. But what had that feeling been that had grown in me as I walked away from him that first time?


It had been the strength that emanates from the Power of Love. I had unwittingly made a totally loving act towards a fellow Sacred Spirit, whom I disliked and who hated me, and that very act of Love in all its powerful, wonderful glory would be the catalyst that would change our relationship for the better. I had put out Love and I had received Love back. Not hate. I could have gone and punched his lights out in hatred, all that would have done would have been to make the situation much, much worse and there I would have been, with the weak falsehood of my hatred eagerly consuming my Life Force. But because I acted from some deep well of Love hidden within me, its sheer power saved us both. He had been overwhelmed to receive it and I had been surprised at myself for giving it.

But how it had worked.

The Power of Love is a truly amazing thing to behold and it is something that God specifically placed within you and that you alone have the ability to turn on (and leave turned on permanently) and utilise to the benefit of yourself and all those you come into contact with---------------..

143 pages

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