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Ultimate Deception

Ultimate Deception
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The Ultimate Deception

The most sensational government
conspiracy of our time.

Commander X

At this very moment high level sources in the government are attempting at all costs to keep under careful wraps the biggest military cover-up in United States history. It is a conspiracy that involves a project so hush-hush that only the President and a handful of his most trusted advisors-members of the Defense Department, the CIA and the National Security Council-are even aware of the very existence of this classified above Top Secret matter that could well alter the course of our very lives.



Those in the military-because of their dutiful assignments- who have found about or been confronted with this "secret," often find themselves undergoing intense security clearance checks and personal persecution that extends for years after they have retired, or have been drummed out of the service, because they literally know too much about what is happening.

This secret-which can best be labeled THE ULTIMATE DECEPTION-involves the fact that visitors from outer space have not only set foot on this planet and exchanged scientific data with us, but have been maintaining bases here for many years. Several groups of aliens have actually established ongoing relationships with our leaders. And we have even sent representatives to other worlds, and welcomed with open arms their representatives, who continue to live here under our very noses, under tight security.

It all began in 1947 when a space ship crashed near Roswell, New Mexico and several members of the alien crew were killed in an unfortunate mishap. There is reason, however, to believe that the first pieces of an extraterrestrial craft actually fell into Hitler's hands when he captured a flying disc shortly before the start of World War II.

Flying ace John Lear, son of the founder of the Lear Aircraft Company, who has personally won every FAA flying award ever granted, is among the very few who have managed to break through this stony wall of silence. Due to his "back door" connections with the CIA and other military branches (for whom he has flown various missions) he has met key individuals who realize the full scope of what is going on.

140+pages - 8¼ x 10¾ softcover

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